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The setlist from their recent Osaka Concert. The first 11 songs are played as a band.

1. High Spirits

2.  Katte ni Shiyagare

3.  Uchuu ni itta Lion

4. Zou

5. Traffic

6. Ikiro

7.  Samurai Song

8. Yume e no Kaerimichi

9. Tokyoholic

10. SEVEN korobi EIGHT oki

11. Noroshi


12. Kiseki no Hito

13. Jam lady

14. Tsumi no Natsu


16. Nagurigaki Beat

18. Answer

19. Nostalgia

20. Sorry Sorry Love

21. Wasabi

22. Egetsunai

23. Never say Never

24. Nantoka Narusa

25. Maemuki Scream 

26. Ima


27. Junjo Koi Hanabi

28. Panorama

29. Zukkoke Otokomichi

30. Seishun no Subete

Hello everyone, I've been trying to build my collection of kanjani shows and concerts but recently I'm running into a lot of trouble trying to find good quality videos or even just any working downloads for concerts (right now I'm specifically looking for good quality versions of 8UPPERS, puzzle tour, eightXeighter, and any janiben eps from 2007-2013 minus what's been posted on this page already).
I know about onlyeitofiles and I'd like to join but getting access seems to be impossible for me since I don't believe the mods are active anymore, and I've tried baidu but I run into problems each time I try downloading from there so I feel like I'm at a dead end. I shouldn't be picky but I prefer having raws of videos, so if anyone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated!
18 July 2017 @ 05:29 am
Calling all fans of the Yellow Sun! (And I know there are tons of you)

Just a heads up - I've started subbing Ryo-chan's new drama, "My Loser Husband."

You can find it here at DA.

16 July 2017 @ 05:58 pm
Hi there everyone

i was hoping if anyone has the link, or mirrors to 8est Disc 3? the one with the tour making and behind the scenes stuff? its the only one of their concert extras that i cant find. the one on bilibili is very LQ so i was hoping if anyone has the MQ or HQ vides. hopefully somebody can help me out :)
10 July 2017 @ 09:40 pm
Hi there, I was wondering if anyone had a copy of Kanjani8's 2009 Puzzle concert dvd either english subbed or french subbed? I saw links for it with French subtitles but all the links have been dead for years.

If anyone could help, that'd be great, but if not I understand :) (Side note: if anyone knows of any good French Kanjani8 community, please let me know)
09 July 2017 @ 06:04 pm

I have been kind of away from the fandom for some time, but fell hard again because, actually I'm not that sure.... but who doesn't fall for those idiots ^^

so now I try to get my files updated, sadly Okuras radio show is nowhere to be found and even youtube has only the 2017 episodes, but I realized I miss almost all from 2016 and half of 2015 (kind of weird since I have been away from the fandom only since mid 2016 oO)

does anyone know where I might be able to find Okura Radio show to dl or just to listen to?
I'd be eternally greatful ^^ it would be the best way to get through my flight to Osaka this year... 10h of Okura being weird (and a pit hentai) xD well and as much as I missed i might even have enough for next years flight
Hello everyone, since I'm deeply in love with this song (especially Yasu's solo part) I decided to make Indonesian translation for this. i hope you enjoy it... ^^

you can check it here @ my LJ
Indonesian translation
04 July 2017 @ 11:19 am
2017.04.16 Канджем шоу 90.mp4_snapshot_02.54_[2017.07.03_21.06.52].png

You can take it here!

And new album "Jam" with MVs+Futokoro no katana+Tori eye making (1280x720)
*since I'm highly dependant on concert setlists that past fans has posted on LJ whenever I watched their concerts I thought I would share eightertainment setlists for future fans* *im not sure what songs they sing during the studio session if anybody can help out that will be great*

-opening Yakuza VTR-
1. Noroshi (non-band)
2. Brulee
3. Rage
4. Ukiyo Odoborito
5. Panorama
6. TWL
-Eightranger VTR-
7. Eightranger theme
-Rangertainment (8ranger sketch)-
8. Ousama Clinic
9. the Light
10. Tsumi to Natsu
11. Gamushara koushinyoku
12. It's my soul
13. Nagurigaki Beat
14. I to U (accoustic version)
15. Itta Janaika (ska accoustic version)
16. Roller Coaster (accoustic version)
17. Hadaka
18. Steal Your Love
19. Black of Night
20. King of Otoko
21. Maemuki Scream
-Studio Session VTR -
23. Tokyoholic
24. Zou
-Ohkura's talk-
25. Noroshi (band version)
26. Zukkoke Otokomichi
27. Kyu jo show
28. Musekinin Hero
-Final Greeting-
29. Omoidama
30. Takoyaki in my Heart (final encore)

Accoustic Session blu ray extra:
1. Tsubusa ni koi
2. Baby Baby
3. Candy My Love