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22 February 2018 @ 07:32 pm
Hi, Eighters!
I uploaded all episodes of Pekojani!
Also in my lj there are all episodes of Kanjam, Janiben 2017!
You can take it here: https://hitorik.livejournal.com/

21 February 2018 @ 09:36 am
Here you are! Sorry for late: it has been shared a couple of days ago on weibo and since my internet connection is very slow, it takes almost 2 days for download, encode and share ^_^;
The video quality is not the best, I guess I have to learn how to use HandBrake, cus I think my method is not the right way, so I'm so sorry for the bad quality! U_U
Anyway, here you are:
18 February 2018 @ 05:20 pm
Hi guys!
Since I haven't found Chronicle episode of 2018 on livejournal, I had taken them from weibo, and I'd like to share them with you! I really hope to be able to share every episode, but sometimes it could be troublesome because of work and other stuff, anyway I'll do my best!
Now I am sharing the episodes of January and February 2018: the quality is not the best cus I tried to encode the video, so the file aren't too big.











Under each link there is the key! ;)
17 February 2018 @ 05:43 pm

Hello eighters :D

I've been searching for the 24 hour tv drama special titled, "Ikiteru dake de nankurunai sa" (2011) with English Subs. Could anyone tell me where to find it? 

Thanks for your kindness :)  

08 February 2018 @ 09:00 pm
I realized that after losing all my files last 2015, until now i wasnt able to redownload this drama... Where can I DL it with subs... or at least just the softsubs... Thanks
02 February 2018 @ 07:09 pm
As a new member of the Kanjani fandom I face the problem of DEAD LINKS!!!!!!!
And I really really want to watch the old concerts (especially Kanjanism and Puzzle)

I don't care if it's subbed or not (although I'd like it better if it was), I just want to watch the ikemen sing my favorite songs!
Help appreciated, thank you!

FYI: I haven't searched this community thoroughly (only for puzzle, which I've only discovered dead links). If there is a post floating around here with links to download concerts, just link me to them. You can also PM me links, if they're MEGA links or whatnot.

Again thank you!!
27 January 2018 @ 07:19 pm
Hi there,

My hard drive crapped itself so I've lost the following Eito music:

Tsuyoku tsuyoku tsuyoku
Maemuki Scream
Samurai Song

If anyone can help me find DL links that would be awesome!

Thanks in advance :)
21 January 2018 @ 11:22 am

Hi! it's been a while fellow eighters <3 <3 <3

HINO k8 account has been deleted on Dailymotion and Youtube, and she has many Ikemen Camera subs, does anyone have a subbed copy of Ikemen Camera or the K8 Recital~Omae no Heart wo Tsukandaru~ ? Thank you!!

14 January 2018 @ 07:02 pm
This booklet consists of 59 pages of Nishikido Ryo's pictures from Eito Rangers movie presscon,(wearing black suit and yukata)
It also has photos from Jyuusai Special Event and photos from Eight x Eighter: Sorry if it isn't Enjoyable Tour 2011 - 2012 Tour.
I bought this at a bookstore in Tokyo Dome City near Tokyo Dome.
Price: PHP 150
Meet ups at Gateway Cubao.
I would really appreciate it if you could buy this item along with the Kanjani 8 PUZZLE Album + DVD Limited Edition.
For inquiries,please e-mail me at nada.moriya@gmail.com

14 January 2018 @ 06:58 pm
Third album release from KANJANI8 includes "It's My Soul," "Wahaha," "Musekinin Hero," and more for 15 songs total Limited edition includes bonus DVD with three promotional videos and making-of footage.
Price: PHP350
Second hand,has little scratches on the cd case but the CD and the DVD plays perfectly.
Meet ups at Gateway Cubao
I would really appreciate it if you could buy this item along with the Nishikido Ryo Photo booklet.
For inquiries,please send me an e-mail at nada.moriya@gmail.com