TV Show Request

hello~ i've multiple questions. does anyone know where i can find

- this's Tokyo Live 22JI but idk when it was aired, this vid

- Tokyo Live 22JI yasu 150802

- eito at Cover x Collab (KavaKora) full performance. if i not wrong they did it twice, cmiiw

if you know, please tell me. i would be soo happy if its downloadable, but if its not, im ok ^^ thank you so much


Hi, recently, I've taken a look at my Eito files and realized I had lost most of the Prologue of Patch PVs. 😭  So, I'd like to request Ukiyo Odoribito, Revolver, Dear..., Monologue, Kick and Kitto Shiawase Kimi wo Matteru. For an unknown reason, I still have Trickster and TOPOP, so, in case anyone wants, I might try to share.

Thanks in advance! 🙇‍♀️