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25 May 2019 @ 07:10 pm

Hi everyone i'm sharing the links of Segodon the 2018 Taiga drama where Ryo was cast as Saigo Shingo (later Saigo Judo) the younger brother of the lead character Saigo Takamori (played by Suzuki Ryohei) if anybody is interested.

Ryo appeared in 22 episodes overall. If you're only interested in the episodes where Ryo appeared in, then the episodes he appeared are episode 1, episdoe 22, episode 23, episode 25-28, episode 30, episode 34-47 (end)

Disclaimer: Neither raw files or the softsubs are mine. I'm only sharing the links. Do not claim them as your own. Please credit them if you used them in any capacity

If anybody wishes to mirror them, please do. It'll help us a lot!

Raw Files (mega) by leeyj80; click the segodon tag to view all episodes


soft subs by Avallac'h at d-addicts (requires a d-addict account)


24 May 2019 @ 06:03 am

Hello dear Eighters,

I don't had luck at the balloting.

Maybe someone selling a ticket for one of the Osaka Shows for a reasonable price?? 

Please message me or leave a comment :) 

Thank you!

23 May 2019 @ 02:26 pm

If you/ your friend have 1 more Eito's concert ticket, I'd like to buy it 

[For reasonable price tough ^^]

Looking for : Tokyo Dome show Sept 1/2

Please DM me @chia8ers for details! Thanks!

Hello all, it's me again.

So since I binged downloaded all K8 stuff I could get my hands on after a long hiatus, I am lost right now where to find this particular guesting:

Does anyone know what show this is? DL- link? Better, if anyone has subbed this? I'm pretty sure I got his subbed but I may be wrong, too. I've downloaded this already but it feels like the files weren't properly transferred to my harddrive so there's a lot of stuff I can't find when I finally wanted to watch them :( Hope anyone here could help me out!

Thank you so much! Sorry for the trouble!
08 May 2019 @ 12:58 pm
Title: Share House
Major Characters: Nishikido Ryo, Ohkura Tadayoshi, Shigeoka Daiki
Minor Characters: Murakami Shingo, Yokoyama You, Yasuda Shota, Maruyama Ryuhei
Pairings: Gen
Rating: Gen
Genre: Angst, Family, Drama, Friendship
Length: Series
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone except the plotline. This fic may contain medical inaccuracies as I can only consult Google to make it as realistic as possible.
Warning: Major Character Death
Trigger Warning: Semi-graphic mentions of suicide
Author's Note: It's gone pretty heavy than I originally imagined so I'm friend-locking the chapters in between the first and last two recent ones.
Summary: Ryo is a struggling artist who also works at the convenience store three blocks away from his home. He's determined to give his parents a decent house before he kicks the bucket. So, even if it's against the rules in his small Tokyo apartment complex, he decided to rent out his home studio for two people to live with him. Ohkura, a guy trying to rebuild his life after a failed relationship and financial loss takes the upper bunk. Two days later, a runaway from Osaka, Daiki, pleads for a lower rent as his cash is running low. Not used to sharing a house, the three of them are forced to pretend to be distant cousins even though they barely speak to each other. Until they're left with no choice but be there for one another...

Hello all, 

I'm looking for the video of Shiwake no Eito (I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure it's sometime during July 2014 [140705]) where HinaMaru slept on the airport and YokoRyo were able to check-in?

I was able to download it recently but I can't find it within a bunch of my Eito files now that I'm about to watch it! I'm not sure about the file name, too. But if someone has it or knows where I can download it, I hope you can let me know. 

Sorry for the trouble! But thank you so much for your help!

22 April 2019 @ 04:18 pm
Hello! Im looking for the first Eight Ranger movie...

I know it has subs in romanesquesubs community but i think is kinda dead bc they never accepted my request.

I wonder if some of you have the movie and can share it.