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22 April 2018 @ 02:06 pm
ANN starts with a letter from a fan whose both parents and she are all eighters. Her mother who usually works up from day time to night time, who wakes up early in the morning to prepare their breakfasts, prepare their bento, do their laundry, who each year, the whole family goes to eito con each year. Her parents both supports eito and thanks to that, both of her parents are very close. Her mother is Subaru-kun’s fan. When her mother saw the press con, she was crying so hard that it makes the daughter wonder if there’s that much of tears in human. She had never seen her mother cry before and so she didn’t know what to do. But from now on, her whole family will always support 6 members eito and Subaru-kun too.

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17 April 2018 @ 05:19 pm
Hi! Does anyone have a copy of Kanjani8 Puzzle Dvd eng subbed? I've been looking for it, and all I've seen are dead links. I would really appreciate it if someone shares it with me. Thank you very much!
17 April 2018 @ 12:54 am

Hello everyone, please give me a hand with this... I've been an eighter since 2011 and used to be very active in the fandom, I had another account in the past in lj and I had access to EKA subs, but now I don't. I downloaded that account and stopped being an active eighter bc of college. I tried to apply to EKA community again and it didn't work :( could someone please send me a working link to download the concert?

Thank you in advance. T_T

I only have the raw version, but I'd really like the hard subs. ;__;

16 April 2018 @ 02:58 am

I just wanted to share this with you all. NEWS sends their love to the K8 fans....

Tegoshi & Koyama mentioned Kanjani8 in their Shizuoka MC for the Sunday 5pm con..


I took the con MC repo from twitter.. don't know how the owners feel if I multi-post so I have to link you back to my page... sorry for the trouble.

I'll lock the post in 1 week.


Hi All

I think as Johnny's fans we are all shocked by Subaru's intention to leave.

As a NEWS fan.. I wanted to help where I can..

My Japanese isn't that good but I managed to translate 2 clips from the press conference.
If theres any senpai that finds any mistakes.. you can comment in my post and I'll edit accordingly :)


15 April 2018 @ 08:46 pm
I decided to translate last night’s ANN anyway. Kura was working so hard to give a cheerful front to the fans who listen so I’d like to reciprocate his effort by translating this anyway.

Kura starts by congratulating Yu-kun who had safely ended his tour. He was sorry that he couldn't attend Yu-kun's tour though. He sounds tired and nasally but cheerful (?) XD;. Yu-kun started drinking alcohol again and is very happy about it lol. The wine that Kura gave to Yu-kun on Yu-kun's birthday last December, Yu-kun brought it to his tour final in Okinawa and drank it there XD.

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14 April 2018 @ 11:18 am

You can take it here hitorik

OSAKA – The popular Japanese boy band Kanjani Eight has been recruited to promote tourism in Osaka, the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau said Tuesday (03/04/2018).

The seven members of the band, who hail from the western prefectures of Kyoto, Osaka and Hyogo, are expected to promote attractions in the Kansai region centering on Osaka as the city bids to host the 2025 World Exposition.

Matches of the Rugby World Cup will also be held at a venue in the city of Higashiosaka in Osaka Prefecture in the fall of next year.

“I want people around the world to feel the groove and power of Osaka,” said group member Yu Yokoyama at an event at Osaka City Central Public Hall where their appointment was announced.

The boy band, established in 2002, is well known in Japan and other Asian countries. It is represented by Johnny & Associates, an agency known for creating popular boy bands such as SMAP. -Kyodo


additional reports

Yoko: Thankfully it’s Kanjani8. If Arashi was appointed (as Osaka ambassadors) I would be a little angry (XD). This year 8 is going into our 15th year & we’ve been talking about what 8 can do on an international level, then this opportunity came.  -Lmaga.jp translated by kanjani8

Their posters and videos will be at airports and stations to welcome visitors to Osaka . -Lmaga.jp translated by kanjani8

Yoko: Moving into our 15th year we’ve been talking about an Asia tour or what we can do on an international level. -Sponichi  translated by kanjani8