JohnnysWorldHappyLIVEwithYou Kanjani8 has been performing a concert without the audience as they want to coverup their 47 Tour that has been cancel due to the Covids-19. They perform with three songs which are 今, 友よ and オモイタマ.

So, here I attach the link of their performances

Hope you all enjoy it!! 

Stay safe wherever you are!! I always pray to everyone all over the world 

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Last Episode of Chronicle is the last day of Kanjani Chronicle...They will have a new show which is 関ジャニ∞クロニクルF. 

It will be air on 27 April 2020 from 2300pm~2340pm 

So..i will post the link of the last episode of chronicle here

Hope you all enjoy the last episode😉😉

#if any problem about video..feel free to tell me on comment section#


####Pssst...I'm so sorry. If anyone who uses the old link to the video...please use this new link...cause I have some problem with the old one

You can just request for permission... I will accept it