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Since today is the last day of Subaru as a member of Kanjani8, I want to share the translated lyrics of Ikiro which Subaru wrote for Kanjani8's Jam album. Its such an inspiring song, simple yet meaningful. Which shows what an amazing musician Subaru is and will be. Wishing all the best for Shibutani Subaru the singer and 6 member Kanjani8 .
*The lyrics were translated by a mutual of tumblr hey8ter . The translator emphasize these are rough translations. Original post here
Broadening!! Broadening!!
The world in front of my eyes is broadening
I was irritated. I was frozen. I was afraid
Washed away. Saddened. Why?
I destroyed the things I built up without noticing
And reborn many times
It’s broadening…
It’s all right if you have nothing
If you don’t have a thing you want to do.
You don’t need dreams or hope, just one thing
Even if you are nobody, you should live
When you don’t know what to do
With an uneasy voice without a light
Trying to reach your hand as best you can
You born one more time
It’s broadening…
It’s all right if you have nothing
If you don’t have a thing you want to do
You don’t need dreams or hope, just one thing
Even if you are nobody, you should live
Keep on living
Keep on living
Keep on living
Survive tomorrow
Keep on living
Broadening!! Broadening!!
The world in front of my eyes is broadening

*this LJ & this lj too also has many translated lyrics of kanjani8 songs. Please give them ur support and encouragement and let us know any lj that translate lyrics too.
Hola International Eighters!

Gr8est news! Now's your chance to catch Eito LIVE in Taipei.
Official ticket sale at tixcraft.com goes online 22 July 2018 (Sunday) 12:00 Taipei time.

EDIT 1, 16 July 2018: According to Taiwanese paper Apple Daily, tickets are priced as follows:
TWD 4200, 3800, 2800, 2200, 1800, 800

EDIT 2, 16 July 2018: Hallelujah! Ticket details is *finally* released!
I've translated the info for those who can't read Chinese.

Stage layout:

README: Ticket purchase flowchart

You CANNOT choose seating location if you purchase on ticket launch day (22 July 2018, Sunday).
Seating will be auto-allocated by system for all purchases on that day.
(personal comment: this is so dangerious and risky! what if everything is sold out on launch day?!)

You may choose your preferred seating only if purchase on or after 23 July 2018.

Concert timing (Taipei time):
2018/09/22 (Sat): Entry 18:00; Start 19:00
2018/09/23 (Sun): Entry 16:00; Start 17:00

Venue: Taipei Arena

Ticket sale: 2018/07/22 (Sun) 12:00 Taipei time

Price: TWD 4200/ TWD 3800/ TWD 2800/ TWD 2200/ TWD1800/ TWD 800
All numbered seats

Restricted view seats: Red and purple 2B boxes are restricted view seats. Please bear that in mind.

Name printing on tickets:
Please completely and thoroughly check your personal details as they cannot be changed after purchase. ("as is basis")

- Traditional Chinese characters must be less than 7 characters.
- English characters must be in small letters and less than 20 characters. Spacing counts as one character. Do not use special characters.

- Purchase on 2018/07/22, the ticket will be printed with your name;
- Purchase on or after 2018/07/23, the ticket will not be printed with your name;
- Purchase on or after 2018/09/01, the ticket to be collected at event venue.
(note: tickets will need to be collected at event venue if you reside outside Taiwan)

- Each person is limited to 4 tickets purchase per concert. Each order must be for the same concert timing (i.e. separate order for Saturday and Sunday con)
- You may pay by credit cards. (VISA, MasterCard, JCB) [ATM payment is not applicable for non-Taiwanese residents]
- Each transaction is charged a service fee of TWD 100.

- As long as you reside outside Taiwan (applies to most of us here in LJ), you need to collect your ticket on event day at event venue.
- Collection details:
Location: Taipei Arena, first floor service desk, door 6
9/22 con: collect between 14:00 to 19:00
9/23 con: collect between 12:00 to 17:00
- You can only collect tickets on the event day itself. (9/23 con ticket cannot be pre-collected on 9/22)
- Please produce authorisation letter if you are collecting tickets on behalf.

Seize this rare opportunity, don't miss it! I know I won't!!
Let's continue to show our support to the 6-member KANJANI 8!

Tips: Please register an account at the ticketing platform as soon as possible. You may only purchase ticket 24 hours after successful signup.
12 July 2018 @ 02:27 am
Hi all, I'm not sure if this is allowed or if anyone would be interested but I've had this idea for awhile - and with Subaru leaving, it feels like the moment is here for me.

I have been in the works of creating/hosting a new talk show on twitch.tv ProficiencyBonus - the channel primarily streams dungeons and dragons games (which I am a part of - we are currently sitting at 200 followers and a steady but small active live viewership per stream). And while I do plan on having episodes focusing on the said subject - the channel management team has given me full reign on what type of show I want to produce.

So I want to do what I love, all of it. My show will focus on all things nerdy, not just dnd! I plan on doing episodes with content on things like jpop/kpop, miraculous ladybug, kingdom hearts/video games as well as cosplay and convention culture.

That being said I am currently looking for any Kanjani/Johnny's/jpop fans interested in guest appearing for discussions. I have already decided that there will be a special episode dedicated to Johnnys, eito and Subaru’s departure. Looking for open minded fans to discuss this with as well as our love and history with Johnnys in general on stream later this month. I'm usually a youtuber and have posted eito videos and various subs on this community before - but this will be a first time for me running something like this and would love to have the support of the eighter community.

I have simple requirements from the eighters that are interested in this:
- Are comfortable on camera and being live-streamed on twitch
- Have a stable internet connection
- Have access to a webcam/mic and be open to creating a discord account if you don't already have one.
- Be a Kanjani8 fan, or at the very least know your Johnnys well enough.
- Be available for a Wednesday or Thursday evening (dates have not been set yet)

How to apply:
- Message me here or on twitter @mysticwater
- Include your name (the name you are comfortable with me calling you by on stream)
- How long you have been a Kanjani/johnnys fan?
- Who is your ichiban?
- Your availability/time zone
- Anything else you think I should know
03 July 2018 @ 08:04 pm
I've upload last chronicle(march-june) and janiben(april-june)!
2018.05.19 Хроники канджани 145.mkv_snapshot_00.07.jpg

Here: https://hitorik.livejournal.com/