Musekinin Hero DVD

Hello everyone! Does anyone have a copy of Kanjani8's Musekinin Hero DVD performances? EKA subbed and I used to have a copy of it but it seems like I lost it. I'm trying to look for a copy but every link I managed to find are dead... I'm hoping someone can share with me the subbed version of the perfomances in this DVD but raw is fine too.. Thank you so much!

Nishikido Ryo's [Note] Blu-Ray Extras

Hi everyone, me & Hoppipolla20 are bringing you Ryo's second album Note’s dvd & bluray extras . The files are from all 3 editions; regular edition, limited edition and Wizy limited edition. I provided the bluray files while Hoppipolla20 provided the DVD files.

The bluray files are compressed to around 2gb per file from the original 10gb


In the folder there's:

  1. Silence Music Video Making
  2. Photoshoot Making
  3. Nippon Budokan “Fudōfukutsu” 2020.10.07 concert
  4. Nippon Budokan “Kogun Funtō” 2020.10.08 concert
  5. Nippon Budokan making
  6. Fan Meeting Pia Arena MM 2020.08.02
  7. Fan Meeting Documentary


Download link for the bluray extras: (link mega)

Mirror link provided by anjelikahwho : (link Googledrive)

Higher Quality videos for some files (only available for 2 weeks): (link)

For the DVD extras you can find them on Shikuta's Lj please do follow here for more


The album is legally available on streaming sites such as Spotify (link) & Youtube Music (link)

The re-release of Scarecrow can be found here (link)

If your enjoy the album or the dvd/bluray extras, & want the physical copy, you can still purchase them on cdjapan (link)

Please do legally support your artist :D

Due to limited space in my Mega folder, they will only be available for a month. I sincerely hope there will be someone who will provide mirror links for these files so that more people can enjoy them in the future :D.

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[Jweb] Oclub Vol 6 -Ohkura Tadayoshi's Jweb

Not planning to translate it words by words or even translating the jweb full time but since he wants to convey something so strongly to eighters who have conflicting opinions now, I try my best to convey this entry to eighters too... here are the points that he wants to convey to eighters:

-Kura said he can only say it now because they have finished perfoming (on tv) for Kimiseka but it's funny that they get nervous performing it when they are the ones who raised the hurdles for themselves XD

-Contemplate about how people can change no matter how old they get

-And no matter how old one get, there's time one'd feel nervous, feel like running away, feel down but still holding on, and one got hit by the winds and pelted on by the rain but one still can touch people's heart... and that touches his heart.

-Truth is, he can stay as the way he used to be, it's fine if he doesn't change, it's fine to maintain the status quo as it is.

-But they can't stop even when the world is changing at tremendous speed.

-He's now still learning and still in the middle of the road and is still full of things he can't do well just yet but one day, he will show a performance that will make us break out into sweats (from the excitement). He promise us that.

-Said the first time when he do band performance all those years ago, he got told that his drumming sucks, that it's fine if they doesn't do band stuff, he got said all sort of things but as time passed, now he come to a point where people doesn't say that to him anymore

-He, they have had personal experience of successfully overcoming that.

-He have something that he believes in from the depth of his heart. He had comrades/friends that shares in what he believes in.

-So eighter-chan, he ask to slowly follow them along this journey : )