Hi, recently, I've taken a look at my Eito files and realized I had lost most of the Prologue of Patch PVs. 😭  So, I'd like to request Ukiyo Odoribito, Revolver, Dear..., Monologue, Kick and Kitto Shiawase Kimi wo Matteru. For an unknown reason, I still have Trickster and TOPOP, so, in case anyone wants, I might try to share.

Thanks in advance! 🙇‍♀️


Hi minna
Today, Yasu has been attend event talk for 11/7 SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE FESTIVAL 2020 Produced by anan. Yasu has been appear at the event to do a talk with LIFE IS photographer Okada-san. And this life is on LINE live viewing..

So, i will share it with everyone maybe you'll missed this event

Just MESSAGE ME PRIVATELY if you want to have this video😉


Request: early PVs

Hi everyone, I was wondering if there are any links available to download Kanjani's earliest PVs? I am looking for the ones from debut era to around It's My Soul.

I couldn't find active links anywhere.

Thank yooou :3

Shibutani Subaru Special Studio Session 2020.10.21

Sharing a weibo post of Subaru's recent Youtube live session in conjunction for his 2nd album "NEED". The video can be downloaded with video downloader extension or online video downloader sites :D


  1. Takaburu (new song)
  2. Wareware ha ningen da
  3. Anagura Seikatsu
  4. Konaide 
  5. Bakuon
  6. Kaze no Uta (new song)
  7. Subarashī sekai ni (new song)

[Band members]

  • Guitar: Tsukamoto Shiro 
  • Bass: Nakamura Shoko 
  • Drums: Shiho
  • Keyboard: Yamamoto Kenta 

link: https://weibo.com/5614994963/JqfrsFKiZ



I don't have high hopes for this, but was wondering if anyone still has or knows where to find eitos old radio shows ( kikujani, recomen, tsushin) most of the existing links are all dead. 

Thank you!


[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 483

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

10/9 #483

I've caused you all a lot of worries.

The test result has come out as negative, and I am able
to resume my works that had been stopped before.

For a while, my temperature went up, but after that,
my body temperature came down and I didn't suffer any pain after
And I have been taken care of by the hospital too.

There are some people who recently said that "It's just a normal colds"

But for me, thinking about having something of an unknown nature residing within
my body, I was really afraid.

Everyday, I was saved by the cheerfulness of books and tv.

For Smile Up! Project, we have dedicated our works for the medical health

And that had reached them. There's a lot of them who conveyed their thanks
that it really, really touched my heart.

To be taken care by such people, I'm really thankful from the bottom of my heart.

I will be returning to filming work from 12th October onwards.

[J&A website had announced Kura's return to work too. Said that after receiving positive COVID result on 23rd September, he had
been receiving medical treatment, after receiving follow up observation for a period of time, his physical condition improve, and his PCR result had come out negative too. Therefore, it is planned that he will return to work by 12th of October]