ISO Shiwake from 2012 11 17

Hi, all! I was wondering if anyone knew where to find a copy of Shiwake that aired on November 17, 2012? It's the episode where all the members are singing Matchy's songs. I recently wanted to rewatch it, but I couldn't find it online again. Thank you in advance!


[Jweb Translation] Okurabu Vol 40 & 41

Figured that I could translate Kurara's last 'as a 35 years old and welcoming his 36th years old' Jweb entries as a birthday present.

.... Of sorts. As it is the only skill I ever have. I can't draw, can't write stories, can't bake, can't do anything relatively creative so.... 8D

Warning: It's LOOOOONG. And I mean wtf-are-you-submitting-an-essay-assignment-that-has minimal-words-requirements?! kind of looooonnnng XD. Definitely not your average jweb entry length. Under the cut.

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