Himeko Himura (himekohimura) wrote in kanjani8,
Himeko Himura

Yukan Club ep.1 [subbed - Nya! version]

Nya!Fansubs and Love Song are doing this one, and both released today! *cheers on both*
Here's the Nya!Fansubs' version, if you're interested, on MegaUpload. Me 'n Blue haven't slept for two days, so we're going to bypass the MF until tomorrow, unless someone else gets to it first, na ^_^ Anyways, go thank both of the subbing groups for doing such a great job on them and getting them out so fast~

Download either from Nya!Fansubs forum here --> http://forum.nyafansubs.com/index.php?showtopic=243&view=getnewpost

OR see my Nyaing post --> http://community.livejournal.com/nyaing/tag/yukan+club

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Tags: tv: drama

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