Kohtalo (bakushou) wrote in kanjani8,

KJ8 on SCP questions

Since the recent news of Okura showing up on Shounen Club Premium has surfaced, I have a few questions regarding other KJ8 member's appearances.

1. I read a translation of Subaru's appearance and I believe I remember him mentioning Yoko saying that the atmosphere of the show was kind of nerve-wrecking. (Subaru said it really wasn't but, anyhow) does this mean Yoko has been on SCP? Or am I crazy? XD

2. Have any of these been soft or hard subbed? Or is there at least a translation for Hina's out there? Luckily someone did a trans for Subaru but yeah.

Any help is appreciated! I don't have much to give but I got new fonts so maybe I'll post icons today. ^.^
Tags: !: question

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