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"It's My Soul" Number 1 on the Oricon Singles Chart

Kanjani8's seventh single, "It's My Soul," led the singles chart this week with 194,000 in sales. That figure was far more than the competition: Ryu Si-won's cover of The Tigers' "Hana no Kubikazari" took second with 37,000 copies, followed by C-ute's "Tokkaiko Junjo" in third with 28,000 copies. This is C-ute's first time in the top three.

Other new singles in the top ten were Dreams Come True's "Aishiteru no Sign ~Watashitachi no Mirai Yosouzu~" (#5), The Gospellers' "It Still Matters ~ Ai wa Nemuranai" (#6), Miliyah Kato's "LALALA / FUTURECHECKA" (#7), and KOTOKO's "Shichiten Hakki Shijou Shugi!" (#8).

On the albums chart, Tackey & Tsubasa's "Takitsuba Best" sold 85,000 copies to take the #1 spot. Right behind them was abingdon boys school with their self-named first album, which sold 50,000 copies. Two other albums broke into the top ten: Kazuyoshi Saito's "I LOVE ME" (#7) and a tribute album to composer Ryoichi Hattori (#10).

source: Tokyograph/Oricon
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