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TOTSUZEN..Uchi to be in a talkshow in Osaka!

I have posted this yesterday in my LJ. And now since it seems like this news is also everywhere in japanese blogs.. I think I can post it here as well~
With more details.

Uchi is going to appear on a talk show for Playzone DVD preview which one can apply to go & see it but this show is going to be held in Osaka. So that is why Im assuming only Uchi will attend it and not Kusano. And this is, I believe, the first time ever he is going to face the public, talking & answering questions...Finally to see Uchi smile or even cry?

Official news over at johnnys-net.jp

What it says roughly until someone better in Japanese translate it (^^;)

Urgent decision (?): Playzone 07 DVD sale preview in Osaka.

Date: November 11 (Sunday)
Place: Osaka city/Umeda (Art Theater main hall?..not sure about this)
Content: Special screening of the Playzone & talk with Uchi Hiroki & Nishikiori-san from Shonentai as well, plus alpha...dont know who alpha is. (It`s listed as To Be Announced).

Thanks to : renchan5 for the Shonentai's name & the last bit on alpha.

The rest are instructions for fans who wants to go and see the preview.

Sadly, this is only a talk show for audience & not a TV programme. Unless sumhow they decided to record it. Hopefully there will be news reports on it.
Before anyone ask, there isnt any news of the same event to be held in Tokyo for now.
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