Lene (samuraiblues) wrote in kanjani8,

Moderator Introduction (5 of 8): Shota mod♥

Hello fellow eighters~
I am another one of the mods and as the subject says, I am the Yasuda Shota mod. He is such an inspirational person, so representing him and his fandom is exciting. I will work my best to help around the community. To get to know a little more about me, check under the cut yo! xD

Nickname: Lene
Location: Minnesota, United States
Occupation: Student
Age: 16. I am one of the other youngest mod yet, but don't take my age as an advantage!

How I got into Kanjani8: I got into Kanjani8 through Ryo and Uchi of NEWS. Osaka Obachan Rock was their first PV that I saw. Then later with Osaka Rainy Blues' PV and misc Honjani clips. I officially became an eighter when I dreamt of Uchi and I~ :P

1. Despite my quietness, I'm generally a nice person in all honesty! It just takes a while for me to open up. But I know my role as a mod so do not take me for granted xD
2. I love art in any form. Art is an eye candy.
3. I love to play with colors. May it be through my artwork or with my clothing style, mixing colors together is fun.
4. Sometimes, people gets confused who my favorite in Kanjani8 actually is and even though they are all loved, it's Uchi Hiroki and Yasuda Shota. I like both of them equally. It sucks too in some way, because their birthdays are next to eachother! It takes me twice the effort to come up with something decent for the both of them ;)
5. I'm sure most of you have seen me around posting icons. So far, I've made over 800 icons of Kanjani total -> link LOL. I'm a dork. Click only if you must. It is over 800 icons... and counting 8Dv


Our Lovely Creator:
Uchi Mod: yuki_hotaru
Our Fearless Maintainer:
Ryo Mod: debbie_chan
Fellow Moderator Introductions:
Subaru Mod: kipani_mariko
Hina Mod: osakaromanesque
Ohkura Mod: yamashita_nana
Maru Mod: sisterjune
Yoko Mod: renchan5

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