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[sale] JE's shop and paparazzi photos

I have some photos (JE's shop and paparazzi for sale).

Please go to this page for samples of what I have left

Price is as follows:
photo (both JE's shop and paparazzi)  >>  2U$
poastcard (K8's "Another" musical)  >>  1.50U$
photo set (right now only have Kame's from Real Face Concert)  >>  9U$

Delivery cost is not included yet.
Please e-mail me (att which picture you are interested and which country you want me to send to.
I will tell you how much it will cost (including delivery) and then we can go through paypal for payment.

I also have 1 purple wristband left for sale (from their latest tour concert).
Please check this link.

PS. x-post to others LJ community as well.


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