yalla, yalla! // .ali. (crux_australis) wrote in kanjani8,
yalla, yalla! // .ali.

[Plugging] JE Secrets

!! je_secrets !! je_secrets !! je_secrets !!

Hi! je_secrets's opening was initially announced/plugged only at johnnys_ent and pinoy_je, and with the posting of the First Batch of JE secrets, I would like to take the opportunity to mass plug the comm to the individual JE group/unit communities. ^________^

!! je_secrets !! je_secrets !! je_secrets !!
Secret Post #01

*Btw, in case anyone's wondering, this is a one-time mass-plugging that I decided to do along with the release of the first batch of secrets because I wasn't able to do it when the comm opened. ^^; I won't be x-posting/plugging every time there is a new batch of updates. ^^v

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