Aret (blufox_o7) wrote in kanjani8,

[THE TELEVISION] October 21-26, 2007

Okay, I don't know the title of this TV Guide but I saw the word "TV" and it's a TV Guide so I'll just call it that. Hahaha! I don't even know why I bought it. Actually, I do know. It's because of the front cover! :D

I also bought the November issue of Myojo but someone has probably scanned it. If ever someone needs to see it, give me a poke and I'll do it right away. :D I also scanned the page about Tacchon and Yoko's dramas. Anyway, here you go.

(View/ Download Scans)

- Credit blufox_o7if taking
- Comments are love. :D
Tags: scans, worth buying!

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