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A message from the Moderators: An update of what is going on

We know there has been a lot of confusion in the community lately -- i.e. members have no freaking idea what the moderators are discussing, if there are decisions being made, `what is this about new rules?!`, etc. Everyone's been anxious, nervous and insecure about how things are going to roll out from this point forward and we understand your nervousness, but please, we`re begging of all of you, do not jump to conclusions and make your own assumptions about things.

1. Regarding downloads.
Nothing has been confirmed just yet. Yes, it is upsetting to know that downloads are possibly going to be cut off but this whole matter is still undergoing discussion. And we know that this is a very heavy topic because we are also taking into account about legal issues as well. Currently, we are looking into the technicalities of just what is `legal` and what is `illegal.` Yes, we have all downloaded at some point, and some still do. However, times do change, and most of you have seen the sweeps through Youtube, and also heard about various lawsuits around the world for downloading of `illegal` materials. This is a reality of life in the information age.

A lot of options are being discussed about this issue -- making posts with official downloads locked, stripping them off completely, set a certain timeframe for these uploads to be up -- but please don't make it seem like we're being dictator-ish about this.
We understand that not everybody have the means and the money to buy official things. All of us have been in that stage as well. We do understand how it feels to want to have and support the bands and movie directors I love. That is why we are taking this matter seriously.

We WILL bring things to you, the community as a whole before a decision is made for certain.

2. Regarding moderators and the moderator community.
We're going at this as professional as humanly possible on the internet. You see, a company functions with the company's high ups discussing things in closed meetings before presenting it to the members of the company and/or public. This seems to be causing a lot of confusion and people are losing trust in us but look at it this way -- we have 2000+ members. If we were to post all the things we discussed in the moderator community or posted something about each topic on the Kanjani8 community in general, will just cause a flood of 2000+ comments and in the end, more likely than not, we'll end up with nothing resolved.

Debbie chose people she can trust, not people who are power hungry. She chose those 6 other people to help her because she knows she can't maintain the group of this size alone. None of the 6 moderators are given maintainer access. That means we only function as Debbie`s eyes, when she is unavailable herself, to make sure things are in order. Everyone wanted things to be more organized and orderly. There is nothing wrong with a community overhaul. And with a community overhaul, we're still trying to make things as fun as they were before. It'll be a hard job to do, but believe me, we're trying to make everyone happy but like all of us have said many times, we can't make everyone happy. Some sacrifices have to be made.

Sure there have been misunderstandings, but it can be resolved by people stepping up. We would like to believe this community is democratic. There's nothing wrong with voicing out how you feel rather than to turn around and post bashings on secrets communities. We are pretty liberal people – and everyone likes having their voices heard as much as the next person.

Also, even though we took up this job as moderators/maintainers, please do not be under the impression that we are going to spend every waking our on the community. We love the community, yes, but we have other more important things to attend to -- school, work, family, boyfriends/girlfriends or even significant others. We have other obligations, hence why Debbie took in a few moderators to take turns looking over the community.

We understand your nervousness on how this community would turn out. To be honest, we`re nervous about it, as well. We used to believe that fandom was fun but when it becomes taxing, it's not fun anymore. We want everyone to continue having fun in the fandom, while of course keeping things organized. All of us have met a lot of great people in this fandom and it'll be a shame to see it all go down the drain.

The most important thing, and what everyone is forgetting, is that we are here to support a group that all of us love. That`s the reason for the 8 moderator names, 8 moderators, 8 members of Kanjani8. We all love this group just as much as you do, and are just trying to make sure that all of us can continue to enjoy this group together and have fun.

Hopefully this post clears things up. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us or any of the moderators.

renchan5 (Yoko Mod) & osakaromanesque (Hina Mod)

P.S. We are working on the tags, but please also remember that there are hundreds, if not thousands of entries to tag, and we are still working on the tag list. Again, please just give us time. This can`t happen overnight.
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