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[LAYOUT CONTEST] follow up.

Since no one made a follow up of the layout competition and since we don't really have many entries, I guess we should extend the deadline to more than one week or something.

the new deadline for the layout contest is november 10, 2007. since we all live in different timezone -- mine is GMT +08.00, southeast asia, dontcha know~ -- I will only post the submission post on the 11th november, my time.

as a reminder:

layout specifications
1. must be s2 with sidebars for easier linking
2. text must be readable.
3. colors must be pleasant to the eyes
4. navigation should not be confusing.

submission guidelines
1. create a test journal to test the layouts in.
2. there will be a post for submission where members will submit their layouts in comments on 10.10.2007. all comments will be screened
3. after the mods have compiled the layout submission, there will be a poll with screencaps of submitted layouts.
4. in each submission post, it must have:

layout style: flexi squares, smooth sailing, etc
sidebar: y/n
compatible with: basic, plus and/or paid

please do not post any submissions in this post k?

yes I am aware of the recent events concerning the moderation, so on and so forth. but people wanted a new layout so I thought i might as well go ahead with posting details to it. i hope i'm not infringing any trust issues or anything of sorts by doing this. speaking up for the rest of the moderator team, we hope that we can have your cooperation is making this layout contest a success, at least.

if you have any questions regarding the layout contest ONLY, please reply in this post. don't submit any entries here. hold onto it until the 10th.

thank you.

- Lina (osakaromanesque)
Tags: layouts

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