Tai (sisterjune) wrote in kanjani8,


Yes my dears here is my first post in a while to the comm as a NOT!mod. I couldn't be happier. Anyway after all the wank this fandom has seen in the last few days. And because that JE Hate meme ended up with 26 FUCKING PAGES. I have decided it's time for some LOVE. Ok so the meme itself was elyndys idea. I didn't do it. Please give her the credit for the awesome. I am just pimping it here because i am sure some of you would like it at least. Now I enjoy a good bitchfest as much as the next fangirl but I think I've had my feel of negativity and nastiness for a good while.

SO HERE IT IS ---> http://elyndys.livejournal.com/480720.html GO SHARE THE LOVE PEOPLE. It doesn't just have to be about K8 either! :D

PS. I'm not sure what tag this would go under so I'm just gonna leave it tagless for now. Hope thats ok. ^_^
Tags: other

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