All aboard the failbus! (iverin) wrote in kanjani8,
All aboard the failbus!

PLAYZONE 2007 DVD postponement

As already reported on a few other comms, the PLAYZONE DVD release has been temporarily postponed due to Akasaka Akira's arrest for drug possession. Information can be found here in Japanese and here in English. Another brief blurb on the arrest can be found here. (According to this announcement he is no longer a part of JE.)

Official announcement of the DVD postponement is shown here on the sale information page where the date is changed to "postponed".

Official announcement, unfortunately, of the cancellation of Uchi's talk event related to the release of the DVD is here.

PLAYZONE 2007 Change2Chance stars Shounentai, Akasaka Akira, and members of Johnny's Jr. (including Uchi Hiroki). Its run on the stage finished in September, and the DVD was to be released in early November.

Thanks to musikologie for helping me track down a couple of links. I will post updates if there are any, as well as additional information.
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