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first post = two oneshots

yup yup first post = two oneshots. enjoy~~

Title: Easy
Summary: Uchi comes back to his hotel room he shares with Kusano, after the Kanjani8 Tokyo Dome Concert.
Fandom: NewS/Kanjani8
Rating: G / Fluff/Angst
Pairing: Kusano/Uchi
Setting: 2007 - Rehearsing for Playzone
Chapter: ONESHOT

JE Boys © Johnny-san
Plot © mystic_water_/Kristy

He had known Uchi Hiroki a long time now, and the last time he looked this depressed was when he was suspended from his band activities almost two years ago. He stood out on the balcony, his ipod blaring in his ears, and the warm breeze of summer danced around him, whispering its secrets against his skin. The black veil of night had covered Tokyo in a calm silence of the late evening, and his eyes focussed out towards Tokyo Dome which was visible from their hotel room.

Apparently Uchi had gone to the Kanjani8 concert held there earlier that evening; it must have been quite emotional because he had returned to their shared room, crying.

Kusano was at a loss at what he should do.

Leave him alone?

Talk to him?

Hug him?

Since his own suspension last year, both him and Uchi had gotten much closer, especially now with Johnny-san allowing them to return to the same stage. They had talked about their mistakes and their regrets, and how they both wanted to try as hard as they could to make up for all the trouble they had caused their band mates. And when rehearsal for Playzone started it was both mutually agreed to not talk about what had happened and only look forward. They would look forward and be each others support, because that’s the only thing they could do.

But now, seeing Uchi like this, Kusano wanted nothing more than to look back at their past and console him.

“You’re still awake?”

Kusano looked up to see Uchi closing the balcony door behind him. He looked tired.

“I’m thinking.” Kusano said flatly.

“About?” Even his voice sounded tired.

The way he idly tossed his ipod into his bag. The way fell onto his bed, burring his face into his pillows, probably in hopes that Kusano wouldn’t notice the puffiness of his eyes. The way he exhaled loudly and slumped his shoulders, everything about him seemed so tired.

“You.” Kusano said softly.

Uchi didn’t even bother looking up from his pillow. “I’m fine.”

Kusano said nothing at this, because he knew Uchi was only trying to convince himself.

At the long line of silence, Uchi looked up at the shorter boy. Indeed he did look throughly exhausted. His eyes were red and swollen from crying, you could almost still see the tear streaks. His hair was a mess, tousled to one side, and his lips were drawn downward. Kusano also noticed the white Kanjani8 T-shirt he was wearing, but remembered Uchi had left the hotel room wearing black.

“I will be fine... eventually...” He finally admitted with a sad smile. Kusano expected him to stop at that, but Uchi continued. “Everyone has been waiting... no one seemed even slightly phased by what happened...” He looked ready to cry again, Kusano noticed, but somehow a smile formed on his lips. “Ryo-chan pulled me up on stage.”

That’s all Uchi needed to say.

Kusano was suddenly on Uchi’s bed, holding him against his chest while the taller boy cried.

“They kept calling my name... the fans... everyone was so supportive. I wondered if it will be the same for us and NewS... Being back on stage with everyone, felt so right. I had forgotten how it felt. It was so... full of life.” Uchi then paused and his smile faded. “But then I kept wondering, ‘Are we worthy enough for it to be that simple? Is it really okay to be this easy? Can we really go back?’” Uchi’s voice was weak with sobs and muffled against Kusano’s chest.

Indeed that was something that hadn’t discussed for a long time now. The idea of not being allowed to return to their respective groups, it was painful. Both Kusano and Uchi had played the ‘what if’ game many times; what if Johnny-san never let them go back to NewS (or Kanjani8 for Uchi’s case). What if they were kicked out of Johnny’s for good? What if only one of them was allowed to return? What if they were to debut with new groups or on their own if they ever got so lucky? What if, what if, what if?

Kusano’s chest began to ache at the thought, so he held Uchi tighter, because he was all Kusano had for the moment. He wanted it to be that easy. He wanted so badly to go back. “Isn’t that why we’re trying our hardest now?” Kusano asked softly. “So we can return to everyone with smiling faces?”

Uchi made a soft noise of agreement, holding back his quieting sobs. The younger boy adjusted himself to lean back on the pillows so Uchi could snuggle closer. Kusano exhaled loudly, threading his finger’s through the older boy’s hair in an attempt to calm him. Or maybe it was an attempt to calm himself. Kusano wasn’t sure anymore.

It had been a long time since either of them had gotten this emotional over their suspension. Maybe the stress over the past couple years had come to a breaking point... and this was it.

This is what they needed to let out.

This fear.

This reality.

Uchi leaned his head against Kusano’s chest, listening to the soothing beat of his heart. After a few more minutes of silence, he finally spoke. “Do you think it will be difficult for us, if we go back?”

When we go back, Uchi.” Kusano corrected softly, patting Uchi on the head affectionately. A smile touched his lips through the dull pain in his chest. “When we get back, it will be like tonight. They’ll all be calling our names...”

He wasn’t sure if he even believed his own words; but even if it was just for tonight, even if it was just for Uchi’s sake, he wanted to believe it would be that easy.

AN: uwaaaa my FIRST ever JE related fanfic. its not really shounen ai, its hinted i guess, its more fluffy angst than anything really. but obviously i miss these two boys

Title: Relationships
Summary: Ryo’s view on his relationships with members in his two bands.
Fandom: NewS/Kanjani8 (brief mention of Ueda)
Rating: PG-13 Shounen ai
Pairing: Ryo/Everyone
Setting: 2008 - After Kusano and Uchi return from their suspension.
Chapter: ONESHOT

JE Boys © Johnny-san
Plot** © mysticwater/Kristy

When he was with NewS, Nishikido Ryo tried to keep up appearances. He was usually the cool and quiet one, notorious for his poison tongue when angered. But on occasion Ryo would show his weakness, what some would call his affectionate side.

His weakest point in NewS was definitely Tegoshi. He couldn’t help but dote on him. Tegoshi was like a baby, constantly wanting attention, and he was too cute to refuse. If Tegoshi Yuya wasn’t on Koyama or Pi’s lap, Ryo would demand Tegoshi sit on him instead, he enjoyed giving and receiving attention to the smaller boy. Mind you he would never admit it out loud, but Tegoshi had a way of making him feel, dare he say it, loved.

If he wasn’t on Ryo’s lap, Tegoshi would quietly cuddle up to him for attention (Ryo would never push him away). He often shattered Ryo’s guard with his adorable you-know-you-love-me smile and a quick peck to Ryo’s cheek, immediately killing any chances of Ryo getting angry for the disturbance.

Then there was Yamashita Tomohisa. From NewS, Ryo had most definitely known Yamapi the longest. So their relationship was naturally deeper and different. Though they rarely showed it during their public appearances, they were often more affectionate with each other than they were with Tegoshi.

Yamapi could be childish around Ryo and vice versa, if only in private. Playful wrestling matches, with quick kisses in-between. Often leaning against one another as they slept on long rides. And regular evening phone calls, even when Ryo was with NewS.

Then there was Koyama. His relationship with the self-proclaimed mother of the group was far different from any other relationship he had with other Johnny’s. It was well hidden that he and Koyama often shared fast passionate kisses in-between costume changes during their concerts.

Though Koyama mothered everyone, he always treated Ryo with a little more respect than the others; the same way Koyama would favor and treat Shige differently. Ryo wasn’t blind to that relationship, he doubted anyone was. Yet, Koyama always found little ways to show Ryo he was appreciated.

It wasn’t as if he didn’t like Shigeaki Kato, they were just too different to have any sort of affectionate relationship. But that didn’t mean Ryo didn’t enjoy irritating him the same way he enjoyed irritating Ueda of KAT-TUN. Shige and Ueda were similar in that respect. Both boys had this sexy flare in their eyes whenever they got angry at Ryo, despite the fact neither of the boys would fight back, there was always that same ‘look’ of rage under the silence.

It was hot.

Ryo wasn’t gunna deny it. He throughly enjoyed making them both angry.

Masuda and Kusano were another story. Though he was more friends with them than anything else, and found them surprisingly easy to talk to, they were also easy to tease. Easy targets so to speak. But he did so affectionately.

His relationship with Masuda and Kusano were more or less appreciated outlets to relieve tension. And the two gladly accepted their role as such in his everyday life, because they understood, without need of words, why Ryo behaved the way he did.

When he was with Kanjani8, Nishikido Ryo didn’t worry about appearances. Even though he was probably one of the most quiet members and still had his scary poison tongue, Ryo was much more out going and playful when with Kanjani members.

Hands down, he appreciated Uchi Hiroki the most. His best friend. He was always at his side, whether with NewS or Kanjani8. This was no secret. Uchi was and always had been his only constant support.

They spent the most time together, and even found time for each other in-between busy schedules. They went for nightly walks, sometimes talking about random things for hours, and sometimes not talking at all. They could easily share a comfortable silence together, because Uchi understood him to the point where things often needn’t be said. They still occasionally slept together. Ryo was quite pleased that he shared his bed with Uchi in more ways than one on several occasions.

Ryo still claimed the title of Sexiest Man in Osaka, but Ohkura was by far the most beautiful. Ohkura had his calm appearance and sweet face, that often made concentrating on dance routines difficult for Ryo. It also didn’t help that Ohkura had a habit of pinning Ryo to a wall backstage, kissing him senselessly. Mind you, Ryo always found ways to return the favour.

Ohkura had another habit of showing up at Ryo’s apartment without notice, holding a case of beer. It had turned into a tradition; a tradition that turned a case of beer into drunken sex on Ryo’s couch. But in the end, Ryo found controlling himself in front of Ohkura very difficult. He would often find himself kissing Ohkura’s neck gently, when the others weren’t looking, and tell him he looked beautiful.

When it was Yasuda Shota, Ryo couldn’t help but want to protect the smaller boy. He was small and weak, yet at the same time emotional and brave. Ryo constantly found himself touching Shota affectionately, brushing strands of his hair here, gently caressing his cheek there.

Ryo could tell Shota most anything, usually his family problems or his complaints about constant travel between NewS and Kanjani8. And Shota would always sit and listen to him rant and vent, never stopping him. But sometimes Ryo would listen to him. Shota would talk about his own problems, and he would often cry, and Ryo would just sit with his head in his lap, whispering gentle comforts and stroking his hair till he fell asleep.

His relationship with Murakami Shingo was entirely different. Everyone (including Ryo) looked up to “Hina-chan” as their leader. But Ryo genuinely enjoyed his company. They could relate to each other better than most because of their similar personalities.

But Murakami had a way of calming the tension between members, and his authoritive and talkative nature helped everyone relax and be themselves during concerts. Even just a small pat on the back from Murakami helped Ryo feel at ease. And he knew for a fact if it wasn’t for Murakami he wouldn’t have been able to cope during Uchi’s suspension.

Yokoyama Yu was known for his loud nature, yet somehow Yokoyama’s presence made it hard for Ryo to stay angry at anyone for any amount of given time. He was always energetic and his energy always managed to pass on to Ryo. The mere sight of Yokoyama often made Ryo feel happy and hyper.

Shibutani Subaru always had a way of making Ryo laugh. The self-proclaimed hentai of the group, always made things fun and interesting to say the least. Subaru was probably the most fun to drink with.

Then there was Maruyama Ryuhei. The other comedian in the group. Even though he was famous for his funny and loving nature, Ryo knew Maruyama was very dependable and serious when the occasion calls for it. He respected Maruyama for this.

When it came down to Yokoyama, Maruyama and Subaru, the three of them were constantly competing for Yasuda’s attention. Ryo couldn’t help but stir things up a bit for fun when he showed Yasuda affection openly in front of the three. Their reactions were always so amusing.

Needless to say, Ryo had quite the number of relationships in Johnny’s Entertainment. Though each relationship and friendship offered something different, and his love and affections varied from person to person, he wouldn’t trade or change any of them for the world.

AN: haha cant you tell i got lazy at the end. ill prob revise it later, forgive grammar and spelling mistakes. but im tired and wanted to wrap it up quickly XP
does this make ryo-chan seem like a slut? XD

comments please!
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