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Title: Unforgettable

Author: Junno_aiba88/Blurly_gal88

Pairing: RyoXUchi, OhkuraXUchi, RyoTego

Fandom: NewS/Kanjani8
Rating: G/Fluff/Angst

Summary: sorry.. I am bad at summary… I am not sure if I want to write it as a muti-going chapters.. if you want more of it, please comment.. first time writing a BL Fic…


Uchi Hiroki were smiling, happily going to Ryo Nishikido apartment. “I will give Ryo a surprised when he is home. I will cooked some of his favourite dishes ne.” Uchi took out his key as Ryo have given him a set as when and where he can come over. Once he opened the door, Uchi was totally shocked to see someone in Ryo’s bed. He walked in and saw Ryo and Yuya were sleeping in theirs bed. Without hesitating, Uchi just run out from the apartment crying.

Knowing he have no place to go, Uchi thought of going to Yasuda Shota house, his best friend from V.WEST to Kanjani 8, but he don’t want to let Yasuda worried about him. If going to Yokoyama Yu, Maruyama Ryuhei, Subaru Shibutani and Murakami Shingo house, seeing him in this state, they will keep on asking him what happen. And so, the last person on his mind was Ohkura Tadayoshi, his another best friend from V.WEST to Kanjani 8.


As it was raining heavily, Uchi ran as fast as possible to Ohkura apartment. Uchi stood at the doorway and looked at the door hesitating if it was the right choice for him to find Ohkura. Just as he was about to leave, Ohkura opened the door. he was stund for a moment before Ohkura could opened his month to called out Uchi name.


“Uchi, what are you doing over here and you are drenched. Come in, I lend you a clean pair of shirt for you to dry yourself.” Ohkura stepped aside to let Uchi in. Ohkura looked at Uchi eye. They are red. What happened to him? But still Ohkura decided not to ask.


Ohkura quickly went in to his bedroom and get a dry towel for Uchi to dry himself up. Uchi went in to the bathroom and get himself dried up. And once, he finish changing into a pair of dry clothe, Uchi sat down on the floor, staring at the space in front of him. Ohkura sat down beside him with a glass of warm milk. “Drink this up, maybe it will make you feel better.” Ohkura pushed the cups to Uchi hand. Uchi looked up to Ohkura, “Arigatou,” was all he said to him.


2 days passes, Uchi just sat there all day long without drinking or eating. Ohkura getting worried about him and so he ask Yasuda if he knew what happened to Uchi.  


Ohkura has just come back from work. He walked to the dinner table and saw the food he cooked earlier on for Uchi left untouch. He looked over and saw Uchi sitting on the floor covering himself with a blanket over his head, staring at the sky aimlessly. He hasn’t been eating anything for the past few days since his returned from Ryo apartment.


Looking worried, Ohkura went over to Uchi and Hug him in his arm. “Uchi, why are you doing this to yourself? It’s not worth brooding for him so long. Forget about Ryo. It’s really sad to see you in this condition. It’s pain for me to not see you eating anything for the past few days. Uchi, Please talk to me.”


“Wh..Why.. Does he have to cheat on me? I really love Ryo chan a lot.. But, Why?” Uchi Started to cried. “You still have me. Uchi. Remember. I won’t leave you alone.” Just as Uchi looked up to Ohkura, Uchi Suddenly fainted and fell right into Ohkura chest.


“UCHI, UCHI. WAKE UP” Ohkura was shouting and panicked at the same time. He faster carried Uchi into his room and laid him down. Few hours passes and Uchi is still unconscious. Ohkura started praying hard for Uchi to come round soon. Tears started to flow down Ohkura face.


“Uchi, please, you have sleep long enough. Wake up faster. I haven had the chance to told u “I love you”. So please Uchi wake up.” Ohkura hold onto Uchi hand tight and he sure he heard someone talking to him. He look up and saw Uchi awake. He was abit startled and he saw Uchi smiling at him weakly.


“Wh..Wh..What did you say just now?”


“I am asking when did you start liking me? Since?” Uchi asked weakly.


Ohkura wiped off his tear and hug Uchi fragail body tightly. “Since the day I joined kanjani 8. that was years ago. Actually, I wanted to tell you this but it seems like I don’t have the chance to do so as you keep on sticking to “HIM” so much”


“I am sorry, Ohkura kun.”




“For making you worried and……” Uchi started to cried again.


“Ohkura patted on Uchi head. “And…..”


“and you have to keep your feelings for me over the years.”


Ohkura smiled. He move beside to Uchi, laid down beside him and hold him in his arm.


“I love you Uchi. I promise to take care for you forever. I want to protect you. Be with me Uchi?”


Uchi smiled and whisper. “Did you heard me? Tacchon?” Ohkura was surprised that Uchi called him “Tacchon” for the first time. “No. What did you say? I didn’t Heard anythink.” Ohkura Winked.


“Well, I say, I love you too. Will you want to marry me?”


“Of course. But… hmmmm… not now.”


“Whyyyyyyyy?” Uchi was looking disappointed.


Ohkura looked at Uchi and laugh. “That because I don’t want you to look so thin and weak on our wedding day.” Ohkura patted on Uchi head. They looked at each other and laugh.


“So are you hungry? You haven been eating for so many days.”


Uchi nodded and reply a weak “Yes”.


“Ok. Then you take a rest in my bed first and I will make you some things to eat. Once it ready, I will wake you up.” Ohkura Tugged Uchi in, place a light kiss on Uchi forehead and walked to the kitchen.


While Ohkura was preparing food for Uchi, the door bell rings contiuously. Ohkura thought who the hell was at the door. As he opened the door “Stop pressing…” He was stund. He saw Yasuda at the door. Before Ohkura could open his mouth, “Is Uchi kun alright?” Yasuda asked worrying.


“I totally forget about you, Shota. Gomen gomen. You are fast aren’t you. From Osaka to Tokyo.”


“ YOU CALLED THIS FAST? I have been worrying for Uchi when you called me that he had fainted.. So how is he now?” Yasuda almost can’t catch his breath.


“OKOK. Uchi has already awake and now he has fallen asleep again. He is now alright. Don’t worry.”


“I will go check on him. He really give me a big fright.” And Yasuda walked to Ohkura’s room.



Yasuda sat down beside Uchi. Looking at him sleeping so soundly. “Oh My. My poor Uchi. He has grown so thin. What happen to him? He hasn’t been eating well.” Yasuda thought to himself. Just then, Yasuda handphone ring, he was startled and quickly off it to silent mode. As the sound was too loud, Uchi woke up.


Uchi saw Yasuda smiling at him and stared at him. “Why is Yasuda kun here?” Uchi was surprised. “….. looking at me sleeping?” Yasuda blinked, “Er.. well, that is because…” Yasuda sign. “Ohkura called me, saying that you were unconscious for hours. So I RUSHED down here to see you.”


“Tacchon called you?”


Yasuda was surprised at Uchi. “What did you called Ohkura kun as? Ta..Ta..Tacchon?” Yasuda blinked.

Uchi giggled. “Ya. Tacchon.”


“Well, back to the point. Ya. He was crying on the phone. So I think that it’s somethink serious.” Yasuda saw Uchi smiling. “Why are you smiling?”


“Nothink, It’s just that I can’t imagine Tacchon calling Yasuda kun, crying over the phone. I am really very happy Yasuda kun.” Uchi laugh.



They saw the door knob opened and started to laugh when they see Ohkura. Ohkura was of course puzzled. But well when he saw Uchi laughing, he decided not to ask why.


“ Dinner ready. Come out and have somethink to eat, Uchi.” Yasuda saw Ohkura holding to Uchi’s hand. He winked to Ohkura.


“Mou, Tacchon. I am not invisible to you right. Why you never asked me out for dinner?” Yasuda pouted.


“Ok. Yassu, Let go out and have our dinner.” Yasuda hold up his hand. Waiting for Ohkura to hold his hand too.


“Mou, Yassu.” Uchi can’t help but laugh seeing Ohkura and Yasuda playing.



And so after dinner, Yasuda pulled Uchi to a nearby park for a walked. Leaving Ohkura at home. “I am bring Uchi kun for a walked. Will be back soon, Tacchon.” Uchi giggled.


“Ok. Take really good care of Uchi for me. And Yassu you have to becareful out there. It’s dark outside.” Ohkura shouted back.


“Hai, Wakatta yo. Ohkura.”



“The air is so fresh.” Uchi took in a big breath.


“It seemed that you have not been out for a long time ne, Uchi,” Yasuda suddenly say.


Uchi sign. “I think since I am back from Ryo apartment, I have been locking myself up at Ohkura house.” Uchi was about to cry when Yasuda hug him. “Do you mind telling me what happen to You and Ryo chan? So that I will be able to help. If not when we are back to work, you two won’t be able to face each other probably.”


“Actually that day, I wanted to give him a surprised, so I went up to Ryo Chan apartment. But when I opened up Ryo chan room, I saw he and Yuya kun on his bed sleeping together. And so I run off.” Tears has already fell off Uchi cheek.


“What happened next?” Yasuda wiped off the tears off Uchi face.


“The next day, He called me. Ask me if I am free to meet as he missed me a lot.”


“So did you agreed to meet him?”


“Yes, I agreed to go out with him.”


“And so?”


“Ryo chan brought me for dinner and after that back to his apartment. He brought me to the room and I started to think about him and Yuya kun on the same bed. I ask him where he went yesterday. He replied me that he was with NewS members discussing NEWS upcoming event at Yamapi house.”


“Damn Ryo. He will get it from me when I see him.”


“No don’t Yasuda kun. Don’t do any think to him. My tears started to flow down and I ran out from his apartment. I told him that I hate him a lot. He gave chase to me. But I was hiding in some place and when I didn’t see him, I went to find Ohkura. And I just sat there for days. Without eating or drinking. Not even talking to Ohkura kun.”


“Did Ryo chan SMS or called you?”


“ I not sure. I off my handphone since I am at Ohkura’s house.”


“No wonder can’t contact you. Did you tell Ohkura about this yet?”


‘Not yet. I didn’t know how to tell him. But I am great that I still have Ohkura and Yasuda kun with me.”


“Thinking of giving Ryo chan a chance to explain?” Yasuda asked.


“ I already have given him a chance but he lied to me. I have already broke up with him.”


“Did he agreed on this?”


“Er…. Haven told him yet. But I am sure he is too willing to break off with me. So that he can go back to be with Yuya kun.”


“Well, Uchi kun, Don’t think too much, okay. I will always be here to help you. Remember we are best friend yo. Uchi kun.” Uchi smiled back.


“I think we better head back if not later Tacchon will kill me for bring you home late.” Yasuda laugh.


“Here, dried up your tears before you gets home.”


i really want to thanks those who had taught me how to use LJ-CUT yesterday.. and really must apologies as i posted a really long fic... sumimasen..

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