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who is that?

Been scanning trough the released scans of the photobook and one particular image just caught my attention...

Can you guys tell me who is in this picture?

i know the one in the left is Tacchon (those lips are a dead giveaway....) but i wonder to whom that head of hair in the right belong to... for it's impossible that Tacchon has grown two heads, right?
Just Curious,,,

edit: This post seems to have become a poll... anyways... since i have nothing better to do, i made a tally who they think this person is...

Subaru - 3
Maru - 2
Uchi - 2
Ryo - 31
Elvis? - 1
Ohno - 1
Nino - 1
Johnny Kitagawa - 1
a cat - 1
undecided - 7

but you know
(after going trough all the replies and  rethinking this...) what i think... tacchon  really has grown  another head that had replaced the one he currently had that time with the one that he has right now... confusing? just look at this...

the hair is the perfect match right??? and the body as shown in one of the comments, fits too... right?? hahaha...

oh well, majority says it's Ryo... and my Heart says so too... hihihi... if only we have way to confirm it...
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