eitoMugenDai∞ (jenntego) wrote in kanjani8,

[request] help needed..onegai

hajimemashite.. first  of all, i wud like to apologize if this post is not right in any way. please inform me if there anything wrong with it.. anyway, i wud like to request for a favor frm anyone who's willing to help me. i'm looking for recomen clip dated 20070614 with eito as the guest and one recomen wer yoko n hina call yasu asking about his solo. i found links with megaupload but well, MU and me does not get along well. if anyone cud be kind enuf to help me n upload it sumwer else (MF wud be great) i am very grateful and appreciate it.. please.. i've been trying all this while n didnt succeed. please help.. thanku in advance..

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