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Janiben 2007.11.14 - Eng Subbed

Hehehe... Finally it's out!

I'm just so psyched about the Janiben clip on 14.11.2007 that I have actually subbed the clip. Hahahaha..  I'm still cracked up by the boys and totally spellbound by RYO! How I wished I was Itoda at that time... and my heart will doki doki as well!!

Find out who's being sweet the most!
Discover who do you like the best!
Mine of course it's RYO-CHAN! Hehehe....

Download : MF l SS l MU l

File size : 99.63 MB
Major Credit : paaaaan for superb translations and QC
Other Credit : yelloweito for MU link

*Please also take note that this is for personal use only and any distribution to the streaming website is strictly prohibited. Kindly give your comments too.

p/s : MU & SS link has been added.
My current project : It's My Soul PV

Note :
At first this clip is merely for my use and just for fun. And for me to have that fun alone seemed a bit selfish, that's why I decided to share with all of you. Since I've taken so much from this community,  I think that I should give back some. I wouldn't want to be rude to others who I also believe have the same intention as I am. The more the merrier right?
Tags: translation: other, tv: janiben

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