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Fanfiction: The Best Gift


Yes, my first JE fanfiction! :D It was meant for Ryo-chan's birthday, but I couldn't get it done it time. Nonetheless, it's still for him. Hope you all like it! :3

Title: The Best Gift

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Creepy, horror-ish story with some humor :D

Pairing(s) and Characters: Sawajiri/Nishikido (one-sided), Ryo/Uchi, NEWS and Eito.

Disclaimer: Would old man Johnny be typing fanfiction? Think about it. Hard. But not so much- don’t want you to get permanent brain damage. Yes, permanent, because Johnny’s has damaged are brains enough, no? :D

Summary: Sawajira Erika gives Ryo the best present he could ask for. *cough*
Notes: Happy Birthday, Ryo-chan~! I wasn't late on celebrating, but I couldn't finish this fic until today. At least I finished it though. Anywho, I don’t think of Sawajiri Erika as bitch, but I needed a bad guy in the story, and since there's a number of people out there who dislike her- TADA. There’s your bad guy. Ahaha. Yeah. First time writing something like this. What? It’s Ryo’s birthday present! He’s a psycho and all psychos love psychotic stuff, ne? XDD And don’t kill me. Please. Uchi WILL come back. By the way, I haven't seen the special episode of Ichi no Rittoru Namida, so please don't mind the mentionings of it. And of Sawajiri’s parents. I don’t know about her parents. But. Yeah. Enjoy. And comments are appreciated. ^o^


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