Mintcappucino (mintcappucino) wrote in kanjani8,

[request} Uchi's fancam



this is my 1st time posting here, sorry I cant give u all anything instead of requesting something...

Is anyone knows whr can i find kanjani8's fancam of their concert in Tokyo Dome wherr Uchi's showed up????

or can u give me the link??

for this past 2months I keep looking for the video..
i would be very grateful for ur help, in every thing u could do for this...

or is it in 47 DVD???
i didnt buy it, cos it's a way too expensive for me...

thx again, and if it's not allowed, please let me know, i'll try to remove it (since Im sucks in LJ-thing)

Onec again, thx with a bunch of love n hug from me,,,
Tags: requests

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