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Kanjani8 Neoki Dokkiri Translations

Hey guys. Just thought I'd start making a real contribution to this community instead of always just taking. I'm going to make translating the Neoki Dokkiri movie clip from the 「47」Regular Edition bonus DVD my personal project. It may take a while coz my Japanese isn't actually that good yet, but I'll try my best! And I've actually managed to finish the first part of it already! With Tacchon being woken up! So here it is:

Tacchon Neoki Dokkiri

EDIT #1: Maru's Neoki Dokkiri now up!! Enjoy!

Please let me know if there are any discrepencies with my translation. (^_^) I'll try to get the rest done as soon as I can. Enjoy! 

EDIT #2: I've just been informed by

whited_79   that BNS is in the process of translating this video, and that it will probably be released by the end of the month. Do show them your support, ok? You know what to do! (^_^) But I finished the third part before I read her message so here's Ryo's Neoki for anyone who still wants it. 

I might still continue to translate the clip, more for my own practice more than anything else. However, I'll stop updating this post since a proper fansub group has taken up the project. But if anyone would like me to, I'll keep posting the translations to my own journal. Let me know if this goes against some rule somewhere...


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