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High Quality Updated Stats Spreadsheet XD

I don't know if people remember, but some months ago I did a big spreadsheet comparing a bunch of different (mostly physical) statistics about the boys. Well, I updated it. The other one had significant mistakes, hopefully all of which are fixed now. There are also more accurate numbers about some of the groups.

Most importantly, in addition to the stats on height, weight, and BMI (which should be taken lightly!), this new version now includes the most accurate information I could find about when everyone joined the company, and also how old they all were when they debuted.

The thought of having the incorrect versions out there, spreading misinformation, has been bothering me, so I hope the people that did download the other one replace it with this version! There's definitely good new stuff on there, as well.

Average debut age of Johnny's groups:
Kanjani8: 20.1 years old
TOKIO: 19.2
V6: 18.7
NEWS: 17.2
Arashi: 16.6

Kanjani8's debut ages:
Yoko: 23
Subaru: 22
Hina: 22
Maru: 20
Yasu: 19
Ryo: 19
Ohkura: 19
Uchi: 17

Date and age they joined Johnny's:
Yoko: Dec 1996, age 15
Subaru: Sept 1996, age 15
Hina: Dec 1996, age 14
Maru: Sept 1996, age 13, and then again in 1997 at age 14
Yasu: 1997, age 13
Ryo: 1997, age 13
Ohkura: 1997, age 12
Uchi: April 1999, age 12

Groups by average height:
TOKIO: 174 cm, 5' 8.5"
NEWS: 173 cm, 5' 8"
Kanjani8: 172 cm, 5' 8"
Arashi: 171 cm, 5' 7"
V6: 171 cm, 5' 7"
ABC: 167 cm, 5' 6"

By the way, because I'm completely shamless like that - if anyone is interested in knowing more about TOKIO, the tallest group in Johnny's, I've made a pimp post for them (if you didn't know, Nagase Tomoya is a member of TOKIO - he's currently acting with Ohkura in Utahime). If you haven't seen it already, I would be super-happy if you checked it out! There's pictures and youtube links and downloads and info! :) They're fun, sexy stuffs, and I think it's worth checking out!

Kanjani8's heights:
Yoko: 176 cm, 5' 9"
Subaru: 165 cm, 5' 5"
Hina: 170 cm, 5' 7"
Maru: 175 cm, 5' 9"
Yasu: 164.5 cm, 5' 4.5"
Ryo: 170 cm, 5' 7"
Ohkura: 180 cm, 5' 11"
Uchi: 177 cm, 5' 10"

There's oodles more info in the spreadsheet, lots of stuff about all the different groups, comparing the members within the groups, comparing group averages, and comparing all of Johnny's. See where your favorites stand!

Download on MF!

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