trochoginglymus (trochoginglymus) wrote in kanjani8,

Looking for K∞'s 47 Tour T-Shirt

I'm looking for a t-shirt of Kanjani∞'s recent 47 tour, new or used. *loves T-shirts to bits* It's the one with the colourful circles on the back. All offers or hints as to where such a thing might be available are much appreciated! Feel free to leave a comment or email me at sweet.bitter.chili.face//AT//
Or has someone at least scanned his/hers and could share? Grabbing at straws, here. ._.

Thanks in advance, and happy holidays, everyone!

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[Edit] -_- Not sure that I should have to do this, but due to apparent confusion about my intentions (I still fail to understand how I provoked that sort of reaction) I added a link to my Ebay feedback. I've mainly been a buyer as you can see, and it's 100% positive. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Tags: !: question, concert, requests

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