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Duet 2007 #1 IDOL Poll

Hello minna~ I've been wanting to post this poll from the September 2007 Duet that I have. I didn't see this on any communities earlier, but maybe I wasn't paying attention ^^; In any case, I hope you enjoy looking through it!

Fans from all around Japan mailed their votes for things like "Most Intelligent" and "Most Wanted for a Boyfriend." The poll includes members from NewS, KAT-TUN, Kanjani8, HSJ, Kinki Kids, Takki & Tsubasa, Kis My Ft2, and Arashi.

*I also included the overall number of #1 votes per group---the overall count of #1 positions is different from the number of categories because Ryo is in two groups ^^

Duet 2007 #1 IDOL PollCollapse )

also posted to news_jpop
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