A N (adengbx) wrote in kanjani8,

Hi, I currently have this magazine clippings project, 
Whereby I will purchase and cut out pages of "artist" of your selected choice from monthly issues of 
Duet, Potato, Wink-Up, Myojo and Popolo.

So, currently I'm looking for a kanjani8 and a Kis-my-ft2 fan.
You can be from anywhere, but it'll be better if youre located in sg.
For every sheet, it costs $0.50.
Small pin-ups costs $2-$3sgd, medium ones are $3-$4 and large ones are $4
Glossy pages are at $2 each.
All prices are in singapore dollars.

And I currently have clippings from Dec'07's potato(for kanjani8 and kis-my-ft2),
Jan'08's winkUp, potato and duet. (kanjani8 sold)
Payment for people overseas, I'll accept paypal or well-concealed cash.
And for people located in sg, meet-ups or concealed cash.
Yup :D
All comments will be screen :D 


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