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I Bring Fic!

Hi there! I'm Sheepy. I'm new... well, sorta. XD I've been lurking for a while, but I figured I'd come and introduce myself and offer ficage of the Hina/Ohkura variety. I don't know how many other people like this pairing, but it is definitely my OTP, and I finally wrote something for it.

I sincerely apologize for any massive fail that may make itself apparent from here on out XDDD That said, onto the fics!

Title: If the world ended...
Pairing: Hikura and Subassan
Rating: PG-13

"What would you do," Yassu asks curiously, lending only half an ear to the tuning of his guitar, "if the world ended right now?" Ohkura drops the drumstick that he was spinning between his fingers and raises an eyebrow at the guitarist.

"What do you mean?"

"Like, if the world were ending and you only had enough time to do one thing before we all went to hell in a hand basket, what would that one thing be?" Ohkura cocks his head to the side and stares off into space, contemplating the scenario. Subaru, on the other hand, stares at Yassu in horror.

"The world is ENDING?!"

"No, Baru. What if the world ended-"


"No Baru, it was just a que-"


"What's in that tea?"

"I don't know; Yoko made it. WHY IS THAT RELEVANT?!"

"I think you should stop drinking it. Tacchon, what would you-" Yassu looks around, but the drummer is long gone. "Tacchon? Hm." Yassu shrugs and goes back to trying to tune his instrument. Subaru flails wildly and drags him out of the room by the shirt sleeve.


On the other side of the building, in the dance studio, the door swings open and Hina and Yoko pause in mid-conversation to greet their visitor. "Hey Kid!" Yoko grins and waves, but Ohkura ignores him completely.

"Hey Tacchon, what's u-mmph!" Before Hina can process what is happening, Ohkura has him pinned against the mirrored wall and is kissing him with the sort of fervor that he has only ever seen from the drummer behind his instrument. By the time Hina's brain catches up enough to ask what the hell is going on, Ohkura is gone, the door snapping smartly shut behind him. Hina stares, dumbfounded at the door, and then at Yoko, whose jaw is scraping the dirty dance floor. "Wha- I mean- but-"

"I hear ya' man. I hear ya'"


Hina finds Ohkura some time later, stretched out on the grass outside and watching the clouds float overhead. He stands so that the toes of his sneakers touch the bottoms of Ohkura's sandals and plants his hands on his hips. "What was that all about?" Ohkura’s cheeks turn a healthy, rosy shade of pink as he stares dutifully at a cloud that looks to him like a very large shrimp.

"Murakami-kun, what would you do if the world were to end?" Hina grins and raises an eyebrow.

"Sexually assault my bandmates?"

"Band mate." Ohkura corrects.


"You had the singular honor."

"Oh, okay. Sexually assault the hot drummer?"

"Anytime before the planet explodes is good for me."


("Well, I guess that's a pretty good answer." Yassu muses as he peers out the window at the happy couple, Yoko cackling like a madman over his shoulder and Subaru tugging on his hand impatiently.

"Yassu~! The world is ending; we have to go find someplace to have really creative sex and we have to do it NOW!" Yassu gives him a withering look.

"The world is NOT ending."

"Are you protesting the creative sex?"

"Well, no, but-"

"OUT OF MY WAY PEOPLE! MAN ON A MISSION HERE! BEWARE THE IMPENDING DOOM!" Ryo flips a page in his magazine as Subaru screeches past him, Yassu in tow. Not five seconds later, Maru can be heard yelping as he is bowled over by a crazy man in a floral-print skirt and his rather distressed and apologetic boyfriend. Ryo glares suspiciously at the back of Yoko's head.

"Seriously Kimi, what was in the tea?")

Title: Boundaries
Pairing: Hikura
Rating: Um, something like PG-16? Between PG-13 and R? Something like that XD

Hina knows that there are boundaries in this business. Little touches and hugs aren't a big deal. Holding hands is okay. Even the occasional small kiss is allowable. But by no means at all is tongue-wrestling with a band mate considered 'just fanservice', especially when there are no fans around to see it. The bruises that are blooming on said band mate’s neck and Hina's own collarbone are in no way covered in their contracts. That doesn't stop Hina from kissing Ohkura again. Nor does it stop him from letting a low groan slip as Ohkura drags nails down his chest and hooks mischievous fingers in his belt loops.

"We shouldn't be doing this," Ohkura observes hoarsely when they break for air. Hina pushes the younger's damp hair off his forehead and plants a light kiss on his nose. Ohkura laughs and tugs on the belt loops grasped in his fingers eagerly.

"What makes you think I care?"

"Nothing, I just thought I'd point it out."

"Well stop it." He kisses Ohkura again to emphasize his point. Ohkura obviously doesn't care either, one hand wandering from belt loops to pop the button on Hina's jeans, the other sliding back up his chest to tangle long, slender fingers in his hair.

Hina thinks whoever decided on the stupid boundaries really needs to get laid.

Enjoy y'all!

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