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Yorimichi OPV

Hi everyone, this is my first time posting on the K8 Community and I would like to share this OPV I made for the song Yorimichi. I really loved this song from the It's My Soul CD and couldn't resist making a video for it!

This video took over 5 hours to make and constant shuffling through my video library. Plus my computer froze 2 times so I had to start over on some parts!
I'm pretty happy with the results though.

PLEASE tell me what you think about it :) 

had to reupload because youtube suspended my acct :(

Comments are greatly appreciated.

I will upload it to MU or MF if anyone would like it, a much better quality of course :)

UPLOAD: Mediafire

62.2 MB

It's WMV file though, sry Mac users. :(

I'm thinking of doing a Mugendai one next, if anyone has any suggestions or requests feel free to leave a post.

Thank You! :D
Tags: fanwork: video

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