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When drawing goes wrong...

So i decided to draw something this morning. I only recently starting drawing again (after not drawing seriously for about 8 years, to paint instead). I started out drawing Jin...which turned out to look more like Mike form Golf&Mike (so i was told)...then Junno...who ended up having a small head syndrom...and Ueda (who turned out beautifully like he is)...

So i get my stuff out.
Charcoal pencils...Check
Tracing paper...check
Pencil sharpener...check

So i install myself infront of the computer and start browsing for a good picture to draw...then i fall upon Ryo.
So i think, well this guy is not too shabby to look at for a while, so i'll draw him.

So i start drawing him, and well its a good start, i'm happy with myself for once....then thats when everything goes wrong!!!!

apparently leaving my charcoal pencils in my purse is a bad idea....having them banging aound everytime i throw my purse on the floor is bad for the now my charcoal keeps crumbling into powder as i draw. (which makes drawing very messy). I try to sharpen the pencil, but it's not use...all i get are small tiny pieces of charcoal and black powder.

Then stupid me starts drinking tea...and my cup is dripping onto my paper....water + charcoal = bad idea!
I tried to erase the black spots as much as i could once it was dry....but it still looks messy

anyways, i keep on drawing hopeing that something good will come out of it.

Turns out that it looks nothing like Ryo (looks more like some random asian guy...or it kinda makes me think of one of the guy in NewS...i dunno his name though).

My sleeves and hands are covered with black charcoal (not to mention my scanner is also turning black from scanning all my drawings). There is finger prints everywhere....and i mean everywhere.

Anyways i give you Ryo Asian guy #243.

I think i'll go back to drawing with pencils....blah!

So basically the moral of the story...don't drink and Draw!
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