tsukichan13 (tsukichan13) wrote in kanjani8,

Kanjani8 in Utaban

hi minna..
im really a newbie here..i just getting like them for this few month..

and my problem is..
i've been searching their appearance on utaban..
and, yes, i did found some of the vids in veoh..but there's no subs..
since i know utaban is really a funny show and they,re funny too..i really want to watch it with sub..
so i can understand what are they talking bout...
so i try to find in this community.. 
and i did, again, found the link to the video i have mention about with subs on it..

the bad news is i cant DL from torrent and MU..
they hate me, apparently..XD

so, minna please suggest to me what should i do now..
i hope someone can help me to upload it to another server..
im totally helpless right now..^^

*sorry mod..cause i used a lot of space for this*
Tags: requests, tv show: utaban

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