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[info] "Mitei" Ichi goods & Uchi appearances in magazines

Heads up guys, info about "Mitei" Ichi goods and magazines in which Uchi will be featured is up.

"Mitei" Ichi Goods
Jumbo uchiwa - 500 yen - 2 types
Poster - 800 yen - 2 types
Keitai/cellphone strap - 1500 yen - 2 types
Key cover - 500 yen

Uchi appearances in magazines
TV Japan - 1/15/2008
TV Life - 1/16/2008
oricon style - 1/18/2008 - Issue 1/28

Already old news, but the drama will be aired on Fuji TV for 4 nights straight from 25th February to 28th February at 11.00pm - 11.45pm.

Source: Johnnys-net.jp

And oh, the Honma ni Kanjani8 manga will be starting again in the February issue of Bessatsu Friend.
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