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Ashita - Oh! Yamada (or Kanjimi3)

Hi! I just wanted to post this request...does anyone here have a copy of the song "Ashita" that Tacchon, Yassu, and Maru sang in the Spirits concert? I tried to rip the audio from my copy, but my audio ripper hates me...it doesn't want to get that song!

I've seen a couple of copies uploaded by members of this group, but they were uploaded to megaupload, another computer-related thing that seems to hate me...or this laptop. Oh yes, my laptop died, taking with it my precious (though very staticky) copy of the song. Yeah, technology just hates me lately....

onegaishimasu, take pity on a poor, bullied by technology fellow kanjani8 fan and share your copies of the Ashita...preferably on mediafire, since that site doesn't bear any animosity towards me....arigatou gozaimashita!
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