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not sure if anyone else has read it...
just had to share this!

recently, i went to an electronics store in shinjuku with murakami-kun.

there were many people in shinjuku. i was nervous.

i held onto murakami-kun's sleeve.
i wanted a voice recorder.

but as i'm bad with electronics,
i got murakami-kun to ask the onii-san at the store about the functions.

then, i bought one which murakami-kun said was good.

the reason i wanted to buy a voice recorder is because i wanted to record "onara".

after buying the voice recorder, when i felt an "onara" coming,
i told murakami-kun and he recorded it.

then, when we became tired, we'd listen to it.
it's very interesting.

each "onara" is different.

but all are interesting.

i recorded murakami-kun's "onara" as well.

someday i want to release an "onara" CD.

please buy it when i do.

but, i wonder if it'll air on music variety programmes. i hope so.

shibutani subaru

now, for the ones who don't know what "onara" means..

our dear baru was talking about passing gas... (u_u*)

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