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[Fanfic] RYO: Ohkura's Story (part 1)

Title: RYO: Ohkura's Story (Part 1)
Pairings: Ryo x Ohkura, A lil bit of Subassan
Rating: This part - NC 16
Genre: The usual stuffs
Disclaimer: I never understood the need for this disclaimer part, but...oh well..i don't own the guys...they own me.
Summary: Ohkura finds himself acting abnormally around Ryo. And its all because of that kiss, in tha name of "Fanservice". Its all Ryo's fault, isn't it?
A/N: ITS SUPER LONG. Also, never in my life have I ever cared about grammatical errors. So if you do find this un-editted, un-Beta-ed fanfic full of misplaced past and present tenses, forgive me...Just turn a blind eye to those grammar errors, kay? Go with the story's flow instead...and enjoy it...*hopefully*

RYO: Ohkura's Story 

Ryo couldn't stop staring at those long, tapered fingers. They were twirling the drumstick expertly.

If only that stick was his...

Ryo couldn't believe his straying thoughts, but those fingers....Imagining them grabbing his own stick and shoving it in between those luscious lips....

A delicious shudder pass through Ryo like an electric shock. He could feel himself 'rising' to the thoughts. Thoughts about his own bandmate. A few months ago, Ryo wouldn't pay this much attention to his bandmate, but now...

"Ryo, you sure you don't want to finish up your food?"

Ohkura's voice brought his attention back to the pretty face. The face that Ryo still can't get enough of, despite the many years they've been together as a group.

...well...only lately, actually....

He gave the younger man a smile as he shook his head. There is still time for the right moment...


Ohkura twirled his drumstick out of habit. Its a good way to get rid of his nervousness. Not that he is the type to get easily unnerved by such small matters, but Ryo had been staring at him for the past 10 minutes now. He will give Ohkura an encouraginng look whenever their eyes meet, but he will continue to stare even though Ohkura had looked away.

Ohkura stole another glance at the smaller man and breathed a little easier. Ryo had gone back to writing that song he had been humming since last week. His new song. Ryo is always writing new songs nowdays. And they are seriously good, Ohkura admitted to himself. How he wish he can write songs like that too! Despite their rather cold start after Ryo debuted with NewS at the point in time when Ohkura join Kanjani, their relationship had grown better ever since.

And lately, the older man had been warmer in attitude whenever he talks to Ohkura, as compared to before.Ohkura had always admired Ryo as one of the best in JE that is of his age, so he took this extra attention as a chance to learn from the older guy.

With Ryo there's always something new to learn from. Stuffs that they don't teach you in highschool. Like how to make super delicious sukiyaki. And how to write good songs. And where to get the best eromags...

Ahh...Yes...Eromags are the best...

Its probably uncommon for 2 guys to sit side-by-side, breathing heavily as the pages turn, before one finally rushes off to the toilet...But that was what they did. Ohkura smiled to himself. The eromags that Ryo buys are very....captivating. The poses of the girls that are etched in his memory are enough to arouse him anytime he feels bored.

But lately, Ohkura finds himself wanting more than just boobs. What exactly does he wants, he doesn't know it himself. Maybe Ryo can teach him something...Yes...Ryo can definitely teach him something new....


"Oit Tacchan! I've got the latest mags... You're free right now, na? Why don't we have some fun before the rest comes back....?"

Ohkura looked up from his laptop. "Nah....I'll take a look later..."

Nah...? I'll take a look....LATER??

Ryo couldn't believe his ears." Ne, Tacchan...If you need to take a leave, just tell me in advance, ok? In case Yoko or Hina wouldn't let you get away, I'll beat the hell out of them for you"

"Huh? Why do I need to take a break?"

"Eh?? Well...since you rejected my offer, I can only think of you being sick as the reason behind it...Wait...Oit!! Why are you laughing? Oit Tacchan! I'm talking to you! Stop laughing!!"

Ohkura had to wipe the tears from his eyes. It is so typical of Ryo to jump to conclusions like this. But then again....Why did I reject Ryo's offer...?

He looked up at the fuming Ryo. "Sorry for making you worried about me, Ryo-chan. But I don't know what's got into me lately. Those eromags aren't that....effective anymore..."

Ryo's face took up a mask of concern. "Have you tried porns? Not those B-grade ones. The A-grade ones"

"I believe my own fantasies are much better than those porns. I started with porns before graduating to eromags, didn't I? No. Porns don't work. I want something else...something....new..."

Ohkura watch Ryo's face intently. He thought he saw a flicker of change in the older man's serious face, but he couldn't quite put a finger to decide what it was.

"Umm...what do you mean by 'new'?"

There was a slight change in Ryo's voice....Is there?

"New...as in something other than boobs and naked girls...Something more exciting...Something like pffffttt!!!"

Ohkura had barely finished his last sentence when he felt the full impact of Ryo's lips crashing upon his. Ohkura's eyes widened as he struggled against the kiss, but Ryo's hands holding each side of his head prevented him from breaking away. It might have been only for a split second, it might have been for a whole minute. But for Ohkura, it felt like hours. As he struggled, he became consciously aware of his own racing heartbeat and weakening knees. When he finally managed to push Ryo away, Ohkura staggered for breath. The kiss seemed to suck the very life from him.

"Wha...wha...what are you doing?! You just robbed me of my virgin kiss, you asshole!!" Is this all I can manage...? Ohkura thought to himself as he watch Ryo calmly step back, wiping his lips on the back of his hands. He waited for Ryo's explanation, but the other man kept his silence, staring intently at Ohkura's face.

"Wait a minute....You are not hitting on me, aren't you? You can't get the wrong idea of me, Ryo...Although we are all in the same all-guys environment, I'm not like Baru and Yassan...I truly admire you...I seriously think you are one of the best in..."

"Whoa....Can you repeat that again?"

"I seriously think..."

"Not that one...The one before that."

Ohkura was confused. " I truly admire you...?"

This time, the change in Ryo's face was there for the whole world to see. It became full of anguish, as if Ohkura had said something that he shouldn't. 

"Ryo-chan? You okay? You seem...a little...sad...Did I say something wrong...?"

Ryo looked up at Ohkura. In a split second, the anguished face was broken by a cheeky grin that Ohkura always see on Ryo's face whenever he played a joke on the other members.

"Got you!! Haha!! Did you really think I'm as gay as your best friend?? You must be crazy Tacchan!! I AM the Sexy Osaka Man, ne? That kiss was just practice. Didn't you read the script for the next concert yet? Its there..."Ryo kiss Ohkura"...in black and white...get used to it, boy...its fanservice, ne? Fanservice."

With that, Ryo gave another snort of laughter before shutting the door behind him, leaving Ohkura extremely red in the face. He realised he had been had by Ryo again. Ohkura sank into the sofa behind him as he gave way to his buckling knees and laid back. How he wish he can just dissolve into nothingness right now. It'll be super embarrassing if the rest of the Kanjani boys know about this. Ohh...How he wish that this...

Ohkura sat up with a start.

How about this...

The passionate whisper came back to him. It was what Ryo whispered right before he lunged towards Ohkura for the kiss.

Why did he say that...?

Ohkura licked his lips. Ryo's kiss had tasted of.....coffee...


As soon as the door shut behind him, the laughter died on Ryo's lips.

I truly admire you.

Ryo's heart almost shattered when he heard those words. It wasn't the first time those very words were directed to him. Someone else had said it before. Someone from a long time ago.

Ryo licks his lips. Ohkura's lips had been softer than he had imagined. Because he had lunged, Ryo had expected the kiss to be hard. But instead, he just seem to sink deeper and deeper into Ohkura's lips. Ryo licks his lips once more. Ohkura had tasted sweet. But....

I truly admire you.

At that moment, Ryo knew he and Ohkura can never be together.

Ohkura paced around the room, licking his lips. 

No, it doesn't taste right.

He chewed on his lips. He had spent 24 hours trying to forget that kiss, so why is he trying to remember now what it had tasted like? He continued pacing. Something is missing. Something is very missing.

"Oit Tacchon...Will you stop pacing and sit down? My head hurts just by looking at you...Oit...Oit!! That was my coffee yo!!"

Ohkura sipped the hot coffee from Yasu's mug. Then he licked his lips. And smiled in satisfaction.

Yes...It had tasted like coffee...Now I remember...

"Ne, Yassan...You drink this coffee everyday, don't you? Can you let me have the whole thermal flask of hot coffee for today?"

"Eh? Why do I have to give you my coffee?? There's a vending machine downstairs. Go get your coffee from there."

"No...I don't want the vending machine's. Its cold and the paper cups are too thin...."

I want the coffee hot, and feel my lips on the hard mug...Just like how Ryo's lips had been hot and hard against my lips.....

Ohkura went to an empty seat and sat down, licking his lips everytime he sipped the coffee. He could not even begin to understand why he is feeling so happy about the whole thing, but he couldn't care less. Right now, all he is feeling is simply absolute satisfaction and pure happiness, as he poured himself cup after cup of coffee.


"Drinking a lot of coffee to keep yourself awake for the Countdown later, Ohkura-kun?"

Ohkura looked up from his mug of coffee. It was Tegoshi from NewS. Ohkura smiled. Obviously the younger guy didn't know the reason behind his current obssesion with coffee. Or that he hadn't just been drinking it tonight. Rather, he had been drinking it for the whole of the past week.

"Yeah. It gets me hyped up. Won't be nice to get all sleepy in front of our senpais, ne? Anyway, why are you here?"

Tegoshi dumped a large duffel bag on Ohkura's lap. "Ryo-kun told me to pass it to anyone in Kanjani. Its his stuff for the Eito's dressing room. He has another bag in the NewS dressing room too, do you know that? And its just as big!! But he's getting ready in our room right, now...So I guess since you are the only one here, you'll have the honour of laying the contents out for him...?" 

Ohkura gave Tegoshi an assuring smile, before sending the chatty younger boy off to his own dressing room.

Leaving him and that bag. Ryo's bag....

Ohkura began taking the contents of the bag one by one. Ryo's costume for the Zukkoke Otokkomichi performance later tonight....His cologne....His large bottle of mineral water...All these, Ohkura took out, trying his best to feel nonchalant about holding Ryo's stuffs...

Until he finally came to a  large envelope addressed to Ryo. It must have been mistakenly put there. Ohkura fingered the envelope. It had been opened. Because curiosity got the better of him, Ohkura plopped to the nearest chair and poured out the contents of the envelope.

It was photoshoot pictures of Ryo....

...in nothing but his boxers....

For a moment, the room seem to constrict around Ohkura as he tried to breathe. Ohkura was damned sure his heart had litterally skipped a beat. He tried to pry his eyes away from the pictures, but...

...those abs....and that bulge in his boxers...and that look on Ryo's face....

Ohkura became frantic. A bulge was forming in his own pants.

What the??!! This isn't happening to me!! No!! Its not supposed to be happening to me!!

But it is. 

As Ohkura was painfully aware of.

And still he couldn't take his eyes off from those pictures. 

He heard his breath  turn to gasps as sweat trickle down his back. No...this shouldn't be....Gawd!! Someone stop it right now!!

"Tacchon? You okay?"

The pictures flew out of Ohkura's hands and landed on someone's feet.

Ryo's feet.

Ohkura yelped. Of all people, why did God send him??

"I need....the...toi...toilet...."

Stammering his response to Ryo sounded like a bad move, but Ohkura couldn't care less. He cannot let Ryo see the effect of the older man's pictures on his "bestfriend" in the pants....

...That'll be disastrous...


"Akemashite Omedettou!!!"

Shouts of the New Year's greeting erupted from every corner of the Dome. 2008 had arrived and he has yet to make his New Year's resolutions, but Ohkura didn't care. He was shouting along with his fellow members, but his eyes was searching only for one person. And that person is over at  one end of NewS.

Ohkura strode over to the group and stood behind the guy. He was very sure that it wasn't his conscious mind directing him. Rather, it felt more like he was being directed by his testoterones.

Ohkura did a quick glance at all the cameras. They were all pointed towards 2 other people. Ohkura knew the cameras will be focused on Nagase's and Koichi's kiss instead, as it had been planned. So he boldly tap on the guy's left shoulder. 


"Akemashite Ommedettou, Ryo-chan"

...and bam!!!....I can finally taste his lips again....

This time, it was Ryo's turn to be shocked. But he didn't struggle like Ohkura did. Instead, he just stood there, waiting for the kiss to end. Not responding, not rejecting. But just feeling Ohkura's lips swallow his mouth whole...

When Ohkura finally pulled away, Ryo saw a glint of satisfaction in the young man's eyes. The young man grinned back.

"Fanservice, ne? Its fanservice, Ryo-chan....Fanservice..."

He had become bolder in this last one week...

Ryo stood unmoving, staring at the retreating back of Ohkura. When he turned to his left, YamaPi's eyes were as big as saucers, staring at him.

"Tacchon just kissed you!!"

Ryo's shocked face slowly broke into a grin.

"I know...Its called fanservice, Pi. Soon, I'll be kissing you in our Winter Concert Tour too, ne?"

...and today, he tasted like coffee.... 


As he walk back towards Kanjani, the smile on Ohkura's lips gradually faded as his heart grew more and more conscious of what he had just did.It didn't take long before he come to understand the full implications of what had just occured. What if the cameras caught that?! What if Johnny saw that?! What if Ryo didn't like the kiss at all...??

Which was why he didn't return it...

Ohkura felt a lurch in his gut. Yes. Ryo hadn't return the kiss. He simply stood there, waiting for it to end. But he didn't fight off "Ohkura's attack" either....

Ohkura know that Ryo is never the type to let anyone push him around...It was something he had acquired since young due to his small size. Ryo always told Ohkura that someday he'll grow up to be the strongest, sexiest man in Kanjani...and Ohkura can't deny him now. In the space of one week, Ryo had turned Ohkura into a sleepless freak due to all the coffee he had been drinking....

...simply because he had tasted of coffee in the first kiss...

Ohkura wasn't sure what to make out of Ryo's reaction.  Throughout the whole Countdown performance, he deliberately avoided Ryo's eyes. 

Best will be for me to apologize...There'll be time to apologize after the concert...


"You sure you don't wanna hitch a ride on Hina's car to the party, Tacchon? You can just leave his bag here you know....Ryo said he'll be pretty late for the party, so if you insist on coming together with him, all the food might be gone...ne, Baru?"

Yassu tickled Subaru's nose as he said it, causing Subaru to roll his eyes to the ceiling. Ohkura shuddered...he is definitely not at that level....why the hell am i thinking i'll ever reach that level..??!

Ohkura clutched Ryo's bag tighter as he shook his head. He has to explain that kiss to Ryo in private. And this will be the only chance that he has...

"Really? Okay then...We're off then...Oh...by the way...Tacchon...You look super sexy and beautiful when you are sleepy like this..."

"I think you are already drunk Yassu....I'm not sleepy at all..."

"Ouh....Then, I think you are just downright sexy and beautiful....Don't let anyone kiss you when you are off-guard, 'kay?"

Ohkura blushed. Yassu had come dangerously close to the truth. Did he know...? But before he asked Yassu why he said that, Subaru was already half-dragging him away....

...Leaving Ohkura alone in the room. And all he heard was the sound of his own breathing and thudding heart. And the sound of running water....

I'll wait until he gets out of the shower room...

Half dragging his own heavy bag and Ryo's bag in one hand, he noticed the envelope again on a nearby table. It felt so tempting to take one last peek at the pictures...


"You are still here?"

Ohkura jumped at the sound of Ryo's voice. 

And stared.

His hair is still dripping wet. And the water droplets running down his abs and following his waistline ended up being soaked by the towel tied loosely around his waist.

In Ohkura's mind, only one image is formed at that instant....

The image of the towel slipping from that killer waistline to reveal...

"Have you seen my shampoo? Yoko said he left it around here...Darn him...Did he take it home again?"

"You're still wet."

Uh? Ryo stopped searching for his shampoo and stared at Ohkura. 

The younger guy was staring at the floor. Ryo couldn't help but feel a little disappointed by Ohkura. He had been avoiding Ryo in the eye ever since the kiss just now....

Maybe it was fanservice afterall...

"Well....I was from the shower room..."

No response.

Ryo sighed. 

"I guess no point looking for the shampoo, right Tacchon?"

Am I talking to the wall or something...?

Ryo started to turn away. He had seen Ohkura being stuck in his own silence before. And if he doesn't want it, then nobody can make Ohkura speak. It'll be useless if Ryo tries to stay to get a conversation out of Ohkura right now.

He was just a step away from the shower room when a hand grabbed his shoulder. It twirled Ryo around and pushed him so hard against the wall that his vision was clouded with little black dots for a few moments. When it finally cleared, he saw Ohkura's face blocking his whole vision.

Ohkura closed his eyes for a few seconds. He didn't know what he was doing. It was as if his body acted out according to its own desire. He took in a deep breathe and exhale slowly. Then he opened his eyes to stare into Ryo's. They were dark, penetrating and questioning him. Ohkura had never noticed how mysterious his groupmate's eyes were, and now, he just wants to get lost in that mystery.

"Don't go"

Ohkura's voice sounded ragged and husky from the avalanche of emotion that he was feeling. He felt disgusted with himself for going this far, but at the same time, he also felt overwhelmed by the persistent desire for the older guy, so much so that it simply confused him more than he already was.

Ryo watched the younger guy's face contort with the pain of his own inner battle. It was an inner battle to come to terms with this strange situation that the younger guy is finding himself sucked into. One that Ryo had experienced once upon a long time ago. One that he had seen on someone else's face, a long time ago.

It hurts...

The words came back to Ryo like a whisper. That other person had said it while crying on his shoulder. Now, seeing Ohkura fighting with himself against this abnormal feeling reminded Ryo of that person all over again.

No...I can't hurt him like this...

"Tacchon...You don't have to do this..."

But Ohkura's lips cut the sentence from Ryo's mouth. It came without a warning. And despite his earlier convictions that he couldn't hurt this younger guy, Ryo finds his lips searching frantically for the other's, as his initial resistance began to melt away in the heat of Ohkura's passionate attack.

When they finally broke away, both him and Ohkura were gasping air. Had they been kissing for the past five minute??! Ryo took in the view glorious view of the younger guy closing his eyes while smiling to himself, as if reminiscing the full taste of the kiss that they had just shared a few moments ago.

You look even more beautiful when we are this close, ne Tacchon?

Ryo put a finger on those full lips. They were swollen from the kiss, and the pout that they seemingly form made Ohkura more desirable than before.

Ohkura shuddered as he felt Ryo's finger trace his lips in the lightest of touch imaginable. How can such a simple act make him want his friend more than ever?? But that was what Ohkura felt. He continued closing his eyes as the older guy ended the tracing of his lips by sealing it with another kiss. A softer kiss. Like the flutter of the butterfly. Ohkura push harder into Ryo's lips. He still couldn't get enough of The Sexy Osaka Man. He wanted more than just a soft kiss.

And then he felt it.

As he leaned into Ryo's embrace for a fuller kiss, Ohkura felt a poke on his thigh. Ohkura smiled to himself. He knew just what he had to do.

Putting in every ounce of energy left that the previous kiss had not sap away from him, Ohkura broke away from Ryo for the second time. This time, there was a look of understanding in the Ryo's eyes.


He had deliberately ended the name in a question. 

The pair stood staring at each other. Both knew the distance is gaining in agony for the other as the the seconds tick, but neither made a move. Ohkura's question hung in mid-air, creating an invisible wall that is ready to be fortified or broken, depending on Ryo's next action.

Will you treat others as you had treated me once I'm gone, Ryo-chan...?

For what felt like the millionth time that day, the other person's words came back to Ryo again. This time Ryo had to ask himself honestly. Will he break his promise to the other person and treat Ohkura as he had done with that other person...?


Ohkura waited for what seemed like an eon. He had been so confident of the result of his question. But now that he had seen the hesistance in Ryo, he wasn't so sure anymore.

Had I been wrong again?


A/N: This seems to be goin on and on...like forever...I dun wanna break this fanfic up actually, but since i dun wanna leave u guys brain-fried coz of the length, I shall leave it here...In mid-air...Will the next part be filled more romance? Or disappointment...? I'm still deciding actually...Hope you guys enjoyed this first part...XD

Edit: Thanks to all who gave me their comments...It was heart-warming for me to see them. I've edited the mistakes you guys had pointed out. If there are other mistakes that i've overlooked in ignorance, please let me know. I really appreciate all your input!! Afterall, this IS my first fanfic posted in any community...Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu! XD

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