Locky (lockability) wrote in kanjani8,

Question about Yasu.

Hi, I'm new. *waves* Recently I've found out how completely awesome Kanjani8 is, so now, of course, I'm trying to learn everything about them, hehe. :]

Anyways, just had a bit of a question. I've seen on wikipedia and other posts that Yasu wears skits, and yet I've never stumbled across pictures or video clips or anything actually proving this...? I was curious about Baru's tattoo, as well, but I searched for a bit and I found pictures of that, so now I'm just curious about this. Any info or anything would be greatly appriciated! :D

Also I thought, since I was posting this question anyways, that I would ask: Are there any facts/pictures/videos/interviews or anything else a new fan should know/see/read about? Phew, that sentance was long.

Thanks. <3
Tags: !: question

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