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RYO: Ohkura's Story (Part 2)

Title: RYO : Ohkura's Story
Pairings: Ryo x Ohkura
Ratings: 18 yrs and above? Not that all the 13 year olds will be heeding this advice though...we are a corrupted bunch since young, ne? XD
Genre: In anime/manga terms, it'll be Ecchi/Yaoi
Summary: Ohkura finds himself acting weirdly around Ryo. All because of that kiss in the name of "fan service"...It's all Ryo's fault, isn't it?
Warning: Another long one...with grammar mistakes, no doubt...look for the first part probably a few pages back so you won't go "HUH??"....


Ryo knew he had to reject Ohkura. His promise to the other person is much more important, isn't it? But...

Ohkura let out the breath he had been holding back as Ryo gave the most imperceptible of nods. A smile bloom on his face, easing the anxiety Ohkura had felt only seconds ago. He took a step forward.

"You sure you wanna do this Tacchon?"

"I've never been crazier in my life, ne Ryo-chan?"

Ohkura lifted his left hand and placed it on Ryo's left shoulder. He had always been proud of his drummer's fingers. Long, tapered..."Sexy", as Yasu likes to call it. They were the tools of his trade. And now, he will use these tools to "return" the favour Ryo had done for him when he was tracing Ohkura's lips.

Ryo thought it was quite embarrassing of him to let out a moan at that moment, but Ohkura tracing the hard muscles of his well-trained abs had always been a part of Ryo's not-so-infrequent fantasies about the younger guy. But now that the fantasy had turned into reality, Ryo can only stand helplessly as Ohkura's fingers leave a blazing trail of fire running down his chest and abdomen.

Ohkura smiled to himself as he heard Ryo gave a small gasp when his fingers hooked at the towel that was still miraculously attached despite all that had happened between them just now. He leaned forward to give in to his now-constant craving for Ryo's lips, giving the towel a sharp tug before stepping back to take in the sight of Ryo in all his glory. 

Actually, it wasn't the first time Ohkura had seen Ryo naked. The Kanjani boys frequently shower together, especially when they are doing a concert. But after what had happened tonight, seeing Ryo naked now reveals a whole new feeling to Ohkura.

Ohkura lets his fingers trace Ryo's waistline ever so slowly...till it ends...

...at Ryo's erection.

Ohkura paused. 






Then he continued tracing his fingers along the shaft of Ryo's erect member, letting his hand run up and down the length, but deliberately avoiding the tip. 

Ryo let out a low groan. Ohkura's teasing is killing the hell out of him. He made a grab for Ohkura's hand that is mercilessly stroking his quivering member. Any more of that stroking will mean that he will just come in that unbelievably sexy hand....

...That will be an utter waste....I want his lips...

With his other hand, Ryo pushed Ohkura's shoulder down, but the younger guy refused to be forced down on his knees. Ryo felt mildly frustrated. 

"Don't make me wait, Ohkura...." 

Ryo forced those words through his gritted teeth. Just feeling Ohkura's lips on his mouth had been unbearable enough; trying to stop himself from writhing underneath those hands upon his naked skin is definitely more than he can take.

Ohkura felt mildly amused. When was the last time Ryo called him by his real name...? He let out a low chuckle. I'm enjoying this, aren't I?

Ohkura felt his own erection throbbing painfully against his jeans. He had been holding it ever since Ryo stepped into the room. Ohkura wondered subconsciously if Ryo had noticed the tent in his jeans...?

He must have....With all that grinding, it’s impossible for him not to feel it...

Staring at the slightly frustrated eyes of his band mate, Ohkura slowly get down on one knee. Ryo's erection stood proud and straight in front of his face.

Do I bend down...?

Suddenly Ohkura panicked. He realised that he had never watched a gay's porn before....

Oh shit!!! How the hell do I do this??!

Ryo cursed at the younger guy inwardly. Damn it TACCHON....I'm gonna burst in your face if you down take me in now....!!!

Maybe I shouldn't suck it yet....Think Ohkura!! THINK!! How do you like yours "done"?...oh gawd...This is totally hilarious....

Stifling a laughter that ended escaping as a snort, Ohkura leaned forward to kiss the tip of Ryo. It caused the older man to moan...very loudly. As he began licking the tip, Ohkura noticed the sense of urgency from Ryo as his grip on Ohkura's shoulders tighten. Pausing for a quick glance to see the other's face contorting with the mounting pleasure, Ohkura took a deep breath before plunging to swallow Ryo's whole length.

The warmth of Ohkura's mouth brought a deep sense of satisfaction and relieve, adding to the increasing pleasure that Ryo is feeling. He could feel himself being brought to the point of ecstasy, but he tried his best to hold for a while longer, rocking his hips to match the Ohkura's rhythm.

Oh gawd......I think I'm gonna come sooooon.....

With a final thrust, Ryo finally released his hot semen, feeling it pour into the waiting mouth of Ohkura. It had burst forth with such force that the young mouth couldn't contain it all, causing a trickle or two to dribble down the corners of his seemingly overworked lips. Watching the young guy swallowing his seed with some great difficulty, Ryo slumped to his knees. They can't hold him up any longer any way....

Wiping the remains of the other's semen from the corners of his mouth on the sleeve of his T-shirt, Ohkura watched his naked friend slumped in exhaustion as his own mind reeled from the event that had just occurred. The scene replayed itself in his mind over and over again...Every touch, every kiss, the heat of the older guy's semen...Ohkura groaned. His own throbbing erection is starting to become unbearable with every replay. 

Ryo opened his eyes at the other's groan. Ohkura was clutching at the tent in his jeans. Ryo felt himself mildly aroused, although he knew it will be quite awhile before he can fully recover.

...But he won't wait till then...Virgins can never wait...

"Where are you going?"

"I can't hold it much longer"

Grabbing the hand of the other who was staggering away, Ryo pushed the younger man into the nearest sofa. Getting down on his knee, Ryo fumbled with the Ohkura's belt and zipper before pulling them down along with the boxers in one shot.

..How the hell did he contain it this long...???!

Ryo felt greatly impressed at the capacity of the younger guy. For a virgin....

Ryo did not bother with any foreplay. He knew Ohkura will not be able to hold it any much longer, so he immediately took hold of the quivering shaft and swallowed the entire length, sucking it as he goes along.

Ohkura's eyes widened at the sensation of being swallowed whole. The feeling was a million times more satisfying than his masturbations. He felt himself nearing his peak as his breath became shallower and more ragged while Ryo's mouth worked wonders with his throbbing member.


"Oh shit"

The comment came at exactly the same time Ohkura ejaculated into his mouth. At first Ryo thought it was Ohkura shouting his satisfaction of the release.

....But that wasn't his voice, nor it came from him...

Ryo jerked his head up. Ohkura's red face was frozen like a mask. Ryo followed Ohkura's line of vision towards the door....

Baru and Yasu.

Ohkura felt the blood rising to his face as he fought to move, but he couldn't lift a finger. His body was immobilized with Ryo still clutching his now-limp penis. Ohkura wanted to shout something...anything, at the pair of eyes that was pinning him down with their shock, but not a word came to his head. In his mind, everything was just a blank....It is just working to the max to bring him out of that frozen state.

"Tacchon, can you please leave the room for a while. I need to speak with Ryo."

Baru's quiet voice seemed to jerk the both of them into motion. Ryo pulled himself away from Ohkura as the latter jumped to his feet to fumble with his zipper and belt. Then, with a worried glance at Ryo, Ohkura walk out of the room with his head down, unable to look at the other two in the face. He stopped just outside the door before he heard Baru instructing Yasu to accompany him outside in that same quiet voice.

How long had they been there? How much had they seen??

Ohkura felt a little swoon in his head as his weak knees gave way. He would have fainted from the exhaustion and confusion if his best friend hadn't caught him in time.


Tacchon couldn't bring himself to look at Yasu in the face. The humiliation....the anger...the sudden feel to just burst out crying...Ohkura felt the bile rise in his gut. Without warning, the contents of his stomach spewed out as he retched uncontrollably onto the floor of the corridor. He tried to push away Yasu's hands, but it felt weak against the strong grips of his best friend. They remained there, supporting him until he felt he had retched every single thing out from his stomach.

Probably Ryo's semen as well...

Ohkura slumped to the floor. He felt too confused to decipher what was going on around him. 

What is going on inside?

Yasu cradled his best friend’s head as the younger guy burst out sobbing uncontrollably. Behind him, he heard the door open as Baru's and Ryo's familiar footsteps approach them.

"Why does it have to hurt so much Yasu? Why?!"

Silence answered Ohkura's question. Only his sobs echoed through the empty corridor.

"I'm sorry Tacchon. It had been my mistake. Please forgive me."

Ohkura jerked his head up. Ryo's voice had sounded cold. Mechanical.

"What do you mean...?"

It didn't sound real. Even his own voice didn't sound real to Ohkura. Why is Ryo avoiding him in the eye?

But Ryo only turned away.

Ohkura felt anger rushing to his head. "Look at me Ryo. I SAID LOOK AT ME!!"


Ohkura had struggled against Yasu's hold to claw at Ryo so that he can punch the daylight out of the older man whom he had just shared his passion with minutes ago. But Baru's stern command stopped him in his action. Ohkura felt....


"Has it all been a lie, Ryo?"

Ohkura's held his breath in anticipation as he stared at Ryo's back that was facing him. It stood stock still, mocking him with the silent answer.

Then he heard a snort. Then another. Finally the smaller guy burst out laughing as if it was the funniest joke he had ever heard. 

"When will you ever learn your lesson, Tacchan? Oh gawd...This is just too hilarious... Oh gawd...my sides are hurting....Ohkura Tadayoshi-kun....Please...haha...for the sake of my hurting sides...haha....learn the meaning of fan service...."

Fan service? Ohkura's heart almost stopped beating. Why didn't it just stop beating...?

"We're Johnny's, Tacchon....We spent our whole frickin lives since we were Juniors trying to grasp the art of fan service, na?"

"You'll let me suck your bloody cock in front of the girls, Ryo?"

Ohkura's quiet voice stopped Ryo in his laughter.

"You wanted something new,Tacchon. You told me yourself."

Ohkura couldn't speak another word. Instead, he concentrated his anger in every ounce of energy that went into the punch that landed straight on Ryo's face. The face that he had been kissing madly just an hour ago.

Ryo staggered back with the force of the punch. His initial reaction was to retaliate at the frenzied Ohkura who was struggling against both Baru and Yasu who had been silent spectators throughout the entire exchange. But Ryo stopped himself short and absorbed the full pain of Ohkura's punch.

He moved not a finger. Instead...

"Let's go, Baru. I think we can still make it for the party. I wouldn't to disappoint the senpais who had been waiting for me. We'll leave as soon as I get changed." Ryo started to walk away, when he paused again in his stride. "By the way, Yasu" he said, half-turning at the dumb-shocked trio, "can you bring Tacchon home? I think he is too sick to make it to the party...I'll get the janitor on-duty to clean up his puke later..."


The motion of Yasu's car make him feel like puking again.

"You okay, pal? This is Hina's car, so please let me know if you gonna puke again, okay? He'll kill me if...Oh shit...Oh great!!"

Ohkura wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

"I'm...I'm real sorry, Yasu... I'm...It’s just that...."

"No no...I'm sorry...Don't worry about it, Tacchon...I'll clean it up later..."

Ohkura mumbled his apology again as he grabbed some tissue to wipe away most of the mess that he had made in Yasu's front seat...Not that there is much to wipe anyway.His stomach had been empty all night long...

Ohkura look up at his best friend who was driving.  How lucky he felt to have Yasu beside him right now despite all that had happened....

"Na...Yasu...why did you and Baru come back?"

"Oh...Well...everyone at the party was asking for Ryo...Since you guys were taking longer than usual, Hina thought we can use his car to pick you guys up..."

But did he see what happened...?

As if reading Ohkura's mind, Yasu answered the question that had been pressuring his friend.

"We saw only the last part....If that is what is worrying you..."

Ohkura groaned as he buried his face in his hands. He felt extremely embarrassed.

"Yasu....the rest...I can't stand their..."

"I will not say a word to anyone, so don't you worry about the rest of the guys. And as for Baru, I think he'll do the same. He cares for the members more than any of us, we both know that, so I know we can trust him...."

Yasu glanced at his friend. The other guy seemed lost in his thoughts as tears rolled down his cheeks. 

"Please don't worry about it, Tacchon...It hurts me to see you cry like this...."

"I felt it from him, Yasu....We were...madly kissing like there is no tomorrow....I....I fell in love with a frickin member who is the same sex as me...I love him, Yasu...I love Ryo..."

Yasuda fell silent at his friend's confession in between the sobs. Should he break his friend's heart...?

"Ryo will never love you as you love him, Tacchon"

Ohkura froze.

"What are you saying? Whose side are you on, Yasu?"

Yasu heard the rising anger in Ohkura's voice. How much does Tacchon know...?

"Please don't be angry with me, Tacchon. I'm speaking the truth. Ryo will never reciprocate your feelings."

"Why did you say that?"

Yasuda took a deep breath taking a quick glance at his friend.

"...Because he already loved another...And that place can never be filled by anyone else except that person...."


The sun was beating  down mercilessly upon him. Not a single soul was around, but he waited on patiently. He had seen their schedule. As soon as their rehearsal for the concert finishes, the NewS members will be out of the Johnny's Jimusho building.

Anytime now....

The first to appear was Tegoshi and Yamapi and Masuda. The trio had noticed him from afar, and called out to him, but he only nodded back in greeting. As soon as they disappeared around the corner, Shige and Koyama appeared. They too had noticed him. He nodded at them as he had with the previous three before focusing his attention back at the entrance of the building. He couldn't be bothered with any of them because he wasn't expecting any of them. He was only expecting to see....

"Waiting for Ryo, Tacchon?"

Shige's voice startled him. When did the guy reach his side? Ohkura looked around for Koyama, but couldn't see him.

"Koyama was with you, wasn't he?"

Shige shook his head. "I asked him to go off first. Told him I needed to speak with Tacchon..."

"Does everyone in JE calls me Tacchon now?" Ohkura felt mildly irritated. Why the hell is this guy talking to him in friendly terms anyway? They barely know each other despite being in the same company and had only exchanged formal greetings when they passed by each other...

Shige gave a low chuckle. "Please don't get mad, Ohkura-kun. Its just that Ryo always refer to the Eito members by their nicknames, so we NewS members kinda got used to think of you guys by your nicknames too...."

Ohkura fell silent. 

"Frankly saying, I'm jealous of you guys...You guys are so...closely knitted....as if your bond is...unbreakable, na? Ryo always speak of you guys, so I know..."

Still Ohkura did not respond. Shige sighed.

"Actually, I came to speak to you about something..."

"About what?"


Ohkura looked up sharply at the younger guy. Only then had Ohkura realized that the pretty face was scrutinizing Ohkura's every reaction with the close inspection of a highly intelligent-being....Well...NewS members ARE an intelligent bunch of nerds....

"What about Ryo?"

...Could it be that he knows...?

As if not being intelligent was enough, Shige seemed to display his "telepathic" ability by answering Ohkura's unvoiced question.

"Yes I do."


"I know what happened between you and Ryo, Tacchon."

Ohkura couldn't believe his ears.


"Ho...How...How did you know?"

Why the hell am I stammering?

"Because Yasuda told me."

Shige watched as Ohkura gave a hollow laughter.

"So it seems that my best friend had betrayed me too, huh? Great...Just Great..."

"You're wrong. He didn't betray you. Well...at least I won't think he'll betray you, had he not been as drunk as piss...."

Ohkura stopped short. "So why did you know?"

It wasn't really a correct sentence structure, but Shige understood Ohkura's meaning anyway.

"Because you weren't at the party to see Ryo drowning himself in bottle after bottle of beer, turning violent at anyone who tried to stop his drinking until Pi and Jin dragged him home at Nakai-kun's command. I thought it was odd of him to be that drunk, so I thought I'd ask Yasuda what happened. But he was drunk too...and I ended up hearing him spill the beans out...quite accidentally..."

Ohkura buried his face in his hands. This is turning out worst then I can ever imagine it to be...

"Who else knows about it...?"

"No one else...Only me..."

Ohkura look up. "That's good....Now, Shige-kun....Please keep it a secret....I beg you...Until me and Ryo can work something out..."

Shige stood motionless. He looked down at his feet.

"You know Tacchon...Yasuda told me he told you Ryo will never love anyone else because someone else had taken his heart, right?"

It was Ohkura's turn to stand motionless as he watch the younger guy look up to stare at him with haunted eyes.

"He was right, Tacchon. Ryo can never love anyone else except for that person in his heart."

Ohkura couldn't believe that he is hearing the same words again, only that it is now coming from Shige.

What is it that the whole world know that I don't?

"Why did you say that...?"

Shige could feel the hair on the nape of his neck stand as Ohkura's dark eyes bore into his. He motioned for them to sit down at a nearby bench.

"Do you want to hear my story, Tacchon?"

What story...?

"Alright...I'll listen to whatever story you have...But before that, tell me...Why is it that you know so much about Ryo and this other person in his heart?"

Shige stared at Ohkura. Then he closed his eyes and leaned back into the bench. It was a only a minute later when he finally spoke....

"Because I was his lover once"


A/N: Finally Ohkura's story is done...Did you guys like it...? I hope so...Writing the second part was harder than I thought...The story kept on changing from the original plan that I had in mind...And I'm not very good at writing angsty stuff, so the fight scene might be a lil...un-smooth...gomen ne...I'll promise to write better next time...

The next story, Shige's story, will be posted on the news_jpop@lj community coz...well...ShigeXRyo is really a NewS pairing...but i'll have it up on my lj too, so you can check it there...And I'd like to thank all of you who had given me useful and lovely comments in the first part of this story...Your comments made me really sit down and write this second part for 4 hours straight instead of dragging it on for two weeks like in the case of the first part...So see you guys in Shige's Story next!!
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