shikurai17 (shikurai17) wrote in kanjani8,

  newshfan did a sub of NEWS on Hey3 2005.07.04. Yoko and Hina made a guest appearance on it with them. Even though those two were guest for News, mostly for Ryo-chan and Uchi, they took over the show. XD Yamapi was the only News member besides Ryo-chan and Uchi to say anything. He only got to make two comments and only because the questions were directly asked toward him. ^.^

Downtown, the hosts of Hey3 were laughing through out the whole time Yoko and Hina were there. XD Particularly  Matsumoto, the bald one. At one point he was rolling on the couch.

This is the Hey3 where Hina accuses Uchi of liking News better. Ryo-chan tells everyone that Kanjani8 are idiots and is above them by 2 ranks. XD
You can download the sub here.

Tags: other, tv: music & talk shows

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