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Yokoyama Yu ga yacchaimasu 2nd round of concerts! Subaru & Hina on SCP [Stage Report]!

Yoko's 2nd Round of Solo concerts

Whoa, second round of Yoko's solo concerts in Nagoya and Tokyo confirmed on the Johnnys-net homepage.

There'll be 2 concerts in Nagoya (March 1st & 2nd) and two more in Tokyo (March 15th & 16th).


Subaru and Hina appearing on Shonen Club Premium
Whoa, I don't think any other Johnny's have appeared on SCP twice have they? Grah, it's stage report for Mitei Ichi D: Sorry for the fuss. Catch the boys on SCP on February 17, 6.00 - 6.50pm (Japan time), NHK-BS2!


Ryo will be appearing in the magazine GLAMOROUS for the March issue. Going on sale tomorrow yo! (February 7th)

And randomly - there are employment opportunities for people wanting to join the employment of JE XD;
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