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Friend's & Family's Reactions to Kanjani 8?

Hi Everybody~ ^_____^
I know this has probably been asked before on pretty much every forum, but it's just such a fun topic LOL

Anyways, what are some of your friend's and family's reactions to Kanjani 8 or JE in general?

I've yet to find someone at my (community) college who's into JE or dramas, so I haven't introduced anybody to Kanjani 8--yet LOL

Family's Reactions:
Mom: "They're kind of ugly and they can't dance!" (response to "Zukkoke Otokomichi" pv). JE in general: "They're all gay" or "they're too pretty."

Dad: I have an old, old poster of K8 in my room, so everytime my Dad enters it, he's like "They look like a bunch of fairies!" or "They're so gay!" But, another time he walked in while I was watching JE music videos (Kat-tun, NewS, TegoMassu), and when a K8 performance came on he said "Okay, now THEY look like guys--they're kind of ugly though!" 

Dad's reaction to JE in general is not very good--I think he's pretty much allergic LOL Once, me and my family went out to lunch at a Thai restaurant, and a Thai music show was on the restaurant's TV's, when Golf and Mike came on the show, I pointed it out to my little sister--*dad turns around to see TV* then he says "They look like 5 miles of bad road!" Another time, I showed him an episode of Shonen Club that had GYM, 
Me: "Look, Dad. Those guys are Thai"
Dad: "Hmm...are you sure? They look pretty Japanese"  *Yamapi steps onto stage*
Dad: "Why is he wearing a skirt?!"
Me and Little Sister: "It looks more like a rug!"
Dad: "No, a rug is too thick. It looks more like some kind of table cloth." *Dad watches quietly for awhile*
Dad: "The guy with the table cloth is a better singer than those Thai guys" 
*Kis-my-Ft 2 swirl onto the stage, start singing, and swirl around some more*
Dad: *mouth drops*............0___0
*Mom walks into room* "Girls, it's time to go"
Me: *takes out Shonen Club DVD*
Dad: "Yeah. Take that thing out!"
He also hates the music in general--I played NewS's "Week!" on my car's CD player, and it practically drove him insane LOL

Little Brother: He jumps around and sings along to "Zukkoke Otokomichi," but cringes at the "It's My Soul" pv (who could blame him, they need to put some pants on LOL)--oh, he's 9 btw.  

Little Sister: She likes Kanjani 8 alot, her favorite member is Ohkura.
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