Elizabeth (xxaibaxl0v3xx) wrote in kanjani8,

More .mp4 Format Video's For Your iPod

Hiii again. :D
I have converted more videos in .mp4 format. [iPod format]
I added 13 more to my community.

[PV] KAT-TUN - Lips
[PV] KAT-TUN - Lips Subbed
[PV] NewS - Taiyo no Namida
[Utaban] Kanjani8 Talk Subbed
[Music Station] Kanjani8 Talk Subbed

[Music Fighter] NewS Talk Subbed
[HS7 DVD] Hey! Say! Making Subbed
[KAT-TUN DVD] Keep the Faith Making
[NewS DVD] Never Ending Story Extras #2
[SCC] Ryo Vs. Yamapi Jr. Daiskesen
[SCC] Hey! Say! JUMP - Star Time Piano Version
[Yax3 Show] Summer Challenge (2005)
[Yax3 Show] Universal Studios (2003)

Check it out here @ bentosound.
P.S. You have to join first.

Reason: Since this is a media post, I want to make sure there's not going to be copyright issues and LJ format.
Even if you may think this is just .mp4 format and stuff, some people's journal's have been deleted because of it.
Tags: fanwork: video

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