Mitha (freedomthisway) wrote in kanjani8,

[QUESTIONS]Could you guys help me finding these songs' title?

Okay, so I watched Heat Up! Concert of Eito. And there were these two songs that I don't know the what the title are. I've downloaded every singles and albums of Eito but I still can't find these two songs there.

Those two songs were sung in Heat Up! right after Yasu, Tacchon, Subaru, and Maru's performance of ONE.

If I'm not mistaken, the first song of that two has this English lyric in it : "We are searching for the truth."

I don't know the titles but those two songs are so energetic so I really want to download them.

So please, anyone, could you tell me what are the titles of that two songs and where I can download them?

Pretty pleeaze?

Thank you in advance...!!
Tags: !: question, requests

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