skyshingo (skyshingo) wrote in kanjani8,

Interested to know more Singapore Kanjani 8 Fans!!


This is the 1st time I'm posting here! I've been a fan for quite a while but I only know 2 Eighters!! I want to use this chance to know more Kanjani 8 fans, especially the ones in Singapore!! Yoroshiku!!

Name: Sky

Age: 19
*But turning 20 in exactly 2 months time, trying to deny the big 2 as much as I can, haha!

Who I like more in K8: Yoko and Ryo!!

Reasons: There are too much to list so I shall just mention a few.. I love how Yoko is the underground "gang leader" in K8 and the few that can bully Ryo, haha!! I love Ryo because he is such a baby in K8, so cute!! =P

How I got into K8: When my SMAP fan friend recommended me to watch Sankyoudai's Abake on Shounen Club!! And it just snowball-ed, haha!!

Other Favourite Groups/Artists:  Basically, I like all of JE groups!! SMAP being my 1st, K8 being 2nd!! I also listen to EXILE and Kobukuro!!

Looking forward to read minna's replies!! (^_^)

I'm surprised by the fast responses!! Haha!! Please introduce yourself too if you can, I want to know more about minna too!! =D



By the way, I'm helping nryo to order Kanjani 8's [47] Concert DVD from HMV Japan since I have an account there.. Since the shipping is quite expensive when ordering just 1 DVD, so we want to try our luck and see whether we can find someone who wants to buy too, so can share the cost.. =D

HMV JP Link (English Version):

Currently they are having a 25% discount for ordering 2 Music DVDs, so if any Singaporean fans want to order this DVD or any JE groups/other artists DVD, maybe can order together? Firstly, can get the discount, and secondly can share shipping cost!

The shipping cost is 900yen for 2 items and below, 1100yen for 3 items, 1380yen for 4 items etc.. So when its divided it is cheap, HMV also deliver fast (within 3days through EMS!!), thats is why I like buying DVDs from there, haha!! 

I don't mind helping to order albums or singles too.. =)

*[Note: Albums/Singles doesn't have any discount! But when ordered together, it is still cheaper than when you buy in HMV Singapore.]

I'm ordering from HMV today, 23rd Feb, so ordering is closed!! (^_^)

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