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Title: Undecided as of yet
Genre: Romance, (Angst maybe later?)
Pairing: Ryo/Uchi, Subassan
Summary: A story about youth, love, and relationships that mark you for life. Haha, that sounds too epic. Really, it's just the fic where K8 are all orphans.
Disclaimer: Um.. slash XD
Notes: So, yeah, I'm not a writer. This is my first fic. Just got assaulted by the idea in the shower and decided to write it down. Please be kind ^__^

People affect us in many different ways.

Some people sneak up on you. You know them for years and think they’re of no special importance until one day you realize you’re different for having known them. Others leave an immediate impact.

For me, Hiroki was the latter.

The moment I saw him I knew. I knew I wouldn’t be the same again.

We were in the kitchen killing time on a Saturday afternoon. We sat around the table while Yokoyama fixed the dishwasher. You’re not allowed to stay in the orphanage once you turn over eighteen, but Yoko’d become a sort of handy man so they made an exception for him. When he wasn’t working at the construction site or picking up girls, he was fixing things up around the house and corrupting our young minds with recounts of his many dirty escapades. The other boys ate up his stories like starving men desperate for a crumb. I could care less about the waitress with the DD cups, but Yoko had a way with words and even I would get caught up in the man’s tales. It was around the part about the bra cup being as big as Yoko’s head that they walked in.

The matron of the place, Suzuki-san, a plump woman with long white hair she died brown, rolled her eyes and hit Yoko over the head where he sat crouched next to the dishwasher. She was the master of tsukkomi. No one left the orphanage without having been on the receiving end of her whacks at least twice. Hina, who now lived in town with another one of us, Subaru, had taken after her in that aspect. Whenever he was around you had to watch out.

“Don’t listen to a word he says, boys,” Suzuki-san advised as she walked past us and pulled a key from inside a drawer. “This one’s a pervert.” She smirked at Yoko and he protested loudly. The other boys laughed but to me the scene seemed far away. They faded away until they were all nothing but background noise.

I was staring at the boy who had walked in behind Suzuki-san. He was tall, thin and gangly, and with dark brown hair that fell into his eyes. He stood perfectly still with feet together and clutched a duffel bag to his chest. His face was downcast but I could see him biting his lip; perfectly white teeth sank into rosy flesh. He was beautiful. He’s always been beautiful, but that’s not what got me. It was the eyes. Cliché, right? But it was. He must’ve sensed my stare, I don’t know, but he lifted his eyes and they found mine. The eyes I looked into were brimming with emotions that were careful not to spill over. They were open and pure in their honesty, but hungry and searching for something I’m not sure they've ever found. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was lost. I got lost in those eyes and I still haven’t found my way out.

The spell was broken when Suzuki-san clasped Hiroki’s skinny shoulder and his eyes suddenly left mine.

“Boys, this is Uchi Hiroki,” she introduced. “He’ll be staying with us as of today so take him in and show him the ropes.” She looked at us expectantly and was satisfied when she received a few nods. Before any of us even had a chance to ask about the newcomer Suzuki-san had ushered him out of the room leaving in her wake a murmur of curious voices.

“Did you guys hear about the family that was murdered a couple of weeks ago?!” Maruyama, a bright, cheery boy with a penchant for the comical and over-dramatic, leaned his elbows on the table and looked around the group conspiratorially. “I hear the new boy is the only survivor.”

“Eh?! The one where the family was stabbed to death by some robbers that broke in? Oh my God! The poor guy!” That came from Yasuda Shota. He was the sweet one; the baby of the group. The one everybody loved to tease and just loved, full stop.

“I heard they weren’t just stabbed, but that they were cut into little pieces and he found them like that, a mess on the floor. He couldn’t even tell who was who.” This time it was Akanishi Jin who spoke. He played at being cool, but he was as much of a baka as the rest of them.

“Oh eww!” Yamapi shrieked, making a disgusted face and shooting a disapproving look at Jin. “For God’s sake have some respect!” Yamapi was alright. He was one of the few who actually possessed some maturity around here.

“What?! I’m just saying what I heard! Don’t get all high and mighty, Pi,” Jin protested with a pout.

I stood up from the chair suddenly (before the two could get really into it, they always did) and the action earned me five curious glances from around the table. “What?” I asked nonchalantly. I crossed my arms and raised an eyebrow.

“Where are you going Ryo-chan?” Yasuda asked.

“Yeah, aren’t you interested? Don’t you wanna know about the new boy?”

I shrugged at Jin’s comment and turned to leave. “I could care less. Have fun being a bunch of gossip queens,” I said as I walked out. I could hear splutters and indignant shrieks in my wake. I grinned and made my way up the stairs. I wondered what room the new boy would be staying in.

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