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Title: Untitled
Genre: Romance, (Angst maybe later?)
Pairing: Ryo/Uchi, Subassan
Summary: A story about youth, love, and relationships that mark you for life. Haha, that sounds too epic. Really, it's just the fic where K8 are all orphans.
Disclaimer: Um.. slash XD
Notes: Well this is the next part. I'm just going with the flow and seeing where this bunny take me so I hope you guys enjoy. Once again, yoroshiku onegaishimasu!^^

Part 1

When I walked into my room I wasn’t exactly surprised to find the new boy standing by the empty bed next to mine. He was busy folding clothes; unpacking by the looks of it. It was unexpected, yeah, but I felt like it was fitting somehow for us to meet again so soon.

Our previous roommate, Koyama Keichiro, had just moved out a few weeks prior. He’d been the genius around here, the one with all the book smarts, and he’d gotten a scholarship to one of the local Universities straight out of high school. He’d promised to keep in touch and to come visit but I hadn’t seen him since.

“Uchi Hiroki”, as Suzuki-san had called him, glanced up at my sudden entrance and looked very much like a deer caught in headlights. I don’t know who he’d been expecting but apparently it wasn’t me. I smirked at him and collapsed on my bed. I grabbed a manga from my nightstand and absently started flipping the pages. I’d finished the volume last night so I looked through it just for the sake of it. I made a mental note to go buy the next volume as soon as possible and tried to steal glances at the other boy. He was putting everything away so meticulously that I wondered if he was actually a neat freak or if he was simply prolonging the task to kill time. After all, he couldn’t be thrilled to be here, and I doubted he was eager to start socializing.

I’d actually gotten genuinely caught up in a page of the manga when I felt him glance in my direction. That’s when he got bold and openly stared at me. I looked up at him, my eyes challenging, and smirked. “What are you staring at?”

He had the decency to look sheepish and turned away quickly. I thought I detected a small blush spread across his cheeks and didn’t hide my grin. It was cute. He was braver than I’d given him credit for, for he met my gaze again –blushing cheeks and all- and smiled back. I was about to make conversation when the door burst open and my two clowns for roommates, otherwise known as Yasuda Shota and Maruyama Ryuhei, shuffled in loudly.

“OH!” Yasuda squealed so loudly I actually winced. “You’re our new roommate!”

“We should’ve guessed! We’re one of the few rooms to have empty beds,” Maru chirped behind him.

The two wasted no time and flocked to Uchi’s side, talking a mile a minute and gesturing wildly. The new guy just smiled and nodded, seemingly taking it all in stride. I was quite impressed. Yasu and Maru were a force to be reckoned with, something akin to a cyclone or a tornado.

“So yes~ Welcome!” Yasu said, flopping onto Uchi’s bed and smiling widely. “You’re in the best room if I do say so myself.” He winked. “Just let us know what you need and we’ll take care of everything.”

“Definitely!” Maru agreed, nodding his agreement so fiercely I thought his neck was going to snap. “We’ll give you a run down of all the stuff you need to know. Who to watch out for, who to trust, etc… In here it’s just the four of us. Each room has four guys—“

He was cut off by Yasu who gave me a pointed look. “You met Ryo-chan, right? Did he scare you yet? Don’t be fooled. He has an attitude problem the size of Africa but he’s actually a really sweet guy.”

“Hey!” I protested indignantly… a sweet guy. No way! I swung my legs over the side of the bed until I was sitting up and facing the other three boys in the room. “You do realize I’m right here, right?” I asked, un-amused.

Yasu rolled his eyes and Maru smirked. “See, harmless,” he stage whispered to Uchi. The new guy giggled. He giggled. I was affronted. “Excuse me,” I snapped, getting up and walking over to the threesome. I glared at Yasu and Maru. “Don’t act like you know everything about me.” I reared on Uchi. “I recommend you not make assumptions based on stupid comments by these two bakas. If you’re smart, you won’t believe everything you hear.” It was a veiled threat, but hey, I had a reputation to maintain. I gave him a cocky grin and crossed my arms in front of me.

Uchi gave me a hard look and didn’t back down. “My eyes tell me all I need to know, thanks,” he told me firmly.

I regarded him silently and admired his resolve. “Glad to hear it.” I gave him a once over and stuck out my hand. “Nishikido Ryo.”

“I’m Uchi Hiroki.” Uchi didn’t miss a beat. He took my hand and shook it twice. We stared each other down. Our hands lingered.

Maru laughed out loud and put an arm around Uchi’s shoulder. “I like this guy!” He proclaimed happily. “He can stay!” Yasu grinned right back and slapped Uchi’s back proudly. “I second that. Anyone who can stand up to Ryo-chan is made of the right stuff.”

I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Uchi as I studied him openly. At first glance he seemed delicate, almost fragile, but the guy had a backbone. Uchi chatted and giggled with Maru and Yasu as I retreated back to my corner of the room but occasionally our eyes would meet and he’d look at me so intensely I’d feel my heart beat faster in my chest.

There were promises in those eyes. Promises that threatened to unveil me.

It was exciting. It was exhilarating. It was terrifying.

I hadn’t felt this alive in years.


At first we barely spoke.

It was like we didn’t have to. Me and Hiroki, we’ve never had a huge need for words. Even from the beginning it was like that. It was disconcerting at first. It was a silent seduction; subtle and titillating.

A lot of things stand out in my mind from those first few days…
…the way he’d face my bed at night and would look at me through half-lidded eyes as we lay quietly in the dark.
…the way our legs bumped beneath the table whenever we sat down for meals.
…the way his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down whenever he laughed heartily and freely at Maru’s antics or Jin’s jokes.
…the way he’d flush crimson when Yoko flirted with him and explained that Uchi was a GIRL so it was perfectly alright for him to do so.
…the way he’d clench his fists and slam them against the bathroom stall door when he thought no one was watching.
…the way he’d disappear for hours at a time then suddenly appear again with red eyes and a fierce look.
…the way he’d welcome me with his eyes whenever I walked into a room.
…the way he’d pull his knees to his chest and wrap his arms around himself while humming a soft melody.
…the way…..

I’d been put under a spell and I hadn’t even realized.


That entire first week he'd been busy fitting in -- or whatever it is you call smiling and nodding while being led around by a bunch of guys. Yasu and Maru had taken it upon themselves to “adopt” him (for lack of a better word). They’d nicknamed him “Hime-chan” after he’d blushed prettily at being called a girl, and it had stuck. You didn’t hear “That Uchi kid”, or “The new guy” around the orphanage anymore. It was always, “Hime-chan this” and “Hime-chan that.” He was like a new pet or a new toy. Everyone wanted a piece of him. It was damn annoying.

I wondered how long the attention was going to last and if he’d be forgotten like yesterday’s news, but by the end of the week he had been fully integrated into my group of friends. He hung out with us while we read manga and played video games, he ate with us, he accompanied us on our daily trips to the convenience store or park, and sang along when we practiced guitar.

It was Yasu who’d said it; while we strummed guitar and Uchi sat on the floor playing a DS game with Maru and Jin. He’d looked at Uchi fondly, affection gathering in his eyes, and had commented, “It’s like Hime-chan’s always been one of us, ne Ryo-chan?”

I’d nodded noncommittally and little Shota had smirked at me with a knowing look. “I know Ryo-chan agrees!” He’d sing-songed. I’d rolled my eyes and had gone back to strumming a new song I’d just composed. Shota had just laughed.

Hiroki and I didn’t have our first real conversation until a couple days later; until after the fight.

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