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Pairing: Ryo x Ohkura
Characters: members of Kanjani8
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: usual ~

Ohkura yawned. He was very tired, but not even half of the day was over yet. In fact, it was only lunchtime. I shouldn't have stayed up so late to finish the movie last night, he sighed to himself as he sipped his cup of warm coffee while sitting on the sofa in the Kanjani8's dressing room. His other group members had asked him our for lunch (Hina, " There's this new Italian restaurant nearby! Let's go there for PASTA! ") but he had declined their offer, wanting to catch up on his sleep. But as soon as they left, he realisde that he was unable to fall asleep. He wasn't used to sleeping in the afternoon. So there he was, drowned in his thoughts. He thought about a lot of things.

Work, laundry, Ryo, shopping, Ryo, food, Ryo, songs, Ryo, sleep, Ryo..

He stopped sipping his coffee. Why was Ryo occupying 3/4 of his thoughts? Well, it was true that he enjoyed being with Ryo. He liked how Ryo called him to talk about random things in a rather awkward (but cute) tone ("Hey Tacchon? I'm going to cook pasta now! I will let you try it out sometime soon."), he liked how Ryo stole glances at him when he thought no one was looking, and he liked how Ryo stood up for him whenever he got teased by Yoko.

But no, he and ryo were friends.. Just friends. Nothing else. He tried satisfying himself with that answer, but somehow he knew that the kind of bond they shared was more than just friends. He just couldn't place what. Could it be.. love? Deep in thought, he didn't realise that his coffee had cooled.
Ryo played around with the plate of pasta on his plate. Why didn't Tacchon come with them just now? He looked pretty tired for sure, but he usually didn't skip meals. Was he sick? Was something wrong with him? Was..

" Ryo? You ok? " Subaru looked at Ryo in concern. Ryo looked up and saw that everyone else had finished their pastas except for him.

" Umm yeah.. Just thinking bout some stuff. " Ryo mumbled. He wasn't really hungry. He was too worried about Tacchon to eat.

" Ne, Ryo-chan. Why don't you just go back and check on Tacchon? " Yasu suddenly spoke up. Ryo blushed. " Who said I was thinking of him? "
" So obvious, Ryo, so obvious. Just go back and check on him if you're so worried! We all know how you feel about him anyway~ No need to get so shy over it eh? " Hina teased.

" Yeah, " added Yoko. " We're going to stay for desserts anyway. "

Ryo glanced at all of them. They all nodded their heads. Yasu gave Ryo an encouraging pat on his shoulder. He looked at Yasu.

" I'll pay you back for the lunch later. "

He rushed out.
Ryo peeked in the Kanjani8's dressing room. Ohkura was sitting on the sofa, wide awake but deep in thought. Ryo then walked in to the room quietly.

" Tacchon? "

Ohkura looked up, surprised. " Ryo? Aren't you supposed to be at lunch? " Ohkura made way on the sofa for Ryo to sit next to him.

Ryo awkwardly said, " Ah well yeah.. But umm I decided to come back first 'cause.. "

" 'Cause? "

Ryo took a deep breath. " I was worried for you. "

Ohkura looked confused. " Why? "

" Weeeell, you don't skip meals and you looked really tired during work just now. So I thought maybe you had some problems you'd like to share with me or if you're sick I could bring you to see the doctor's or maybe I just wanted to find a reason to be with you- "

Ryo stopped. WHAT WAS HE SAYING?! He was panicking inside. How would Ohkura react?!

Ohkura was stunned, but only for a while. He didn't know why, but he was happy to hear Ryo's answer to his question. He then hugged Ryo. Tightly. And then he smiled.

" Thankyou Ryo-chan. "

Maybe it was love afterall.
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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