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Satoshi Ohno's Freestyle, TV Guide/Television w/ RyoUchi, April '08 Myojo&Popolo, etc

lots of new items up for saleee!!! :D

*--FREESTYLE by Satoshi Ohno from ARASHI 
*--TV Guide/the Television Feat. RyoUchi
*--April '08 Popolo (BIGG kame/yamada pinupp)
*--April '08 Myojo (Young Song booklet w/ NEWS on cover, Kame/Yamada pinupp)
--Seventeen Mar. 01 '08 Feat. YAMAPI & KOYAMA
--Glamorous Mar. '08 Feat. RYO & TOMA
--AnAn Feb. 13 '08 Feat. NUDE YAMAPI
--The Television 2/09/08-2/15/08 w/ KAT-TUN on coverr
--Mar. '08 Duet, WinkUp, Popolo
--TV Guide 1/05/08-1/11/08 w/ KAME on cover


FREESTYLE by Satoshi Ohno from ARASHI 
$31 + shipping worldwide

TV Guide/the Television Feat. RyoUchi
$9 + shipping worldwide each

April '08 Popolo (BIGG kame/yamada pinupp)
$12 + shipping worldwide

April '08 Myojo (Young Song booklet w/ NEWS on cover, Kame/Yamada pinupp)
$12 + shipping worldwide


ANAN Feb. 13 '08 
$16 + shipping worldwide 
last 2 pics credit to & more pics here:

The Television 2/9/08-2/15/08 (Feat. Kat-tun)
$9 + shipping worldwide 

GLAMOROUS Mar. '08 Feat. RYO & TOMA! (pre-order item)
$13 + shipping worldwide
credits to & more scans attt:

Seventeen Mar. 1, '08 Feat. YAMAPI & KOYAMAA
$11 + shipping worldwide
credits to & scans available heree:

Duet Mar. '08 (KAT-TUN on cover, 8-pg HSJ posterr, KAME pinupp)
$12 + shipping worldwide

Wink Up Mar. '08
(Kame&Yamada 2-pg pinupp)
$12 + shipping worldwide

Mar. '08 Popolo (w/ really big kame pinup + yamada on the over sidee)
$12 + shipping worldwide


TV GUIDE 1/05/08-1/11/08 (Feat. kame, includes k8, news, HSJ members & much more)
$7 + shipping worldwide


if you want a SPECIFIC ISSUE/PERSONAL ORDER, just email/msg me! :D

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