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[PRE-ORDER] Kanjani8 2008 Spring Tour Concert Goods

Hi everyone,

As I'll be in Tokyo during Kanjani8's Spring Concert Tour 2008, I'm willing to take orders for all eito fans here ^_^

Hence I'm making this post to have a rough gauge (and mental preparation) of how much goods I'd need to buy during the concert period.

Regardless of the country that you're based in, I'll be able to take orders as I'll be sending the concert goods directly from Japan. Hence postage fees will be paid by you. (Please note that, due to the weight of pamphlets, it may be a little more expensive.) Due to different zone categories of each country, I would not be listing all the country zones here. Please email me if you'd like to know the quotation for sending the goods to you.

However, please note that the following prices of the goods do not include postage fees.  As for postage fees, you'll be able to choose the way you want it to be sent (i.e. surface air mail, EMS etc). Please let me know in the email, after you've placed your order, about your preferred postage method. 

These are the rough quotes for the goods so far:

Uchiwa: USD $12/ SGD $18
Pamphlet: USD $30/ SGD $45
Penlight: USD $17/ SGD $25
Poster: USD $15/ SGD $22
T-Shirt: USD $35/ SGD $52
Live Photoset: USD $15/ SGD $22
Clear Folder: USD $12/ SGD $18
Shopping Bag: USD $15/ SGD $22

If you're interested in the goods, please contact me at:

Email address:

Mail title: [PRE-ORDER] Kanjani8 2008 Spring Tour Concert Goods

However, please note once again that these are just rough quotes based on previous goods' prices. Hence when the actual goods' prices are out, I will be emailing everyone again.

For those who would want to pre-order concert posters, I'd have to send the poster with your other order seperately to ensure no damage for posters.

A final quote of the prices of goods (when the information is out) and postage/handling fees will be emailed to you individually (namely those who have contacted me or left me their emails saying they are interested.)

However, please note that I'd have to receive payment before I can purchase the goods on your behalf (especially if there are quite a number of orders, I can't be paying for everyone beforehand.)

Emailing me doesn't mean that you're obliged to place an order, so do not worry. =D Feel free to ask me any questions in the mail.

Payment methods:

For Singaporean buyers, I accept POSBank transfers and concealed registered mail cash.
For buyers other than Singaporeans, only concealed registered mail cash is accepted. 

However, paypal will be added at a later time.

As I've mentioned earlier, this post enables me to have a rough gauge of how many responses I'm going to get for pre-orders. Thus, once again, feel free to ask me any questions in the mail! =D

Thanks for everyone's kind attention!

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