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[PRE-ORDER] Kanjani8 Official Shop Photos

Since some people have emailed me regarding this, I shall take orders for this too. =D

[PRE-ORDER] Kanjani8 Official Shop Photos

Some people have been asking if I could buy K8's Official Shop Photos for them from the Johnny's shop.
And since I'm there, why not? =D

So here goes.

All photos go for USD $2.50 / SGD $3.50 each. 
Prices do not include shipping+handling fees. 

I'll only take orders in sets.
Hence, here are the sets I'll take orders for.

1. WAHAHA PV - Individual sets (8 photos per set)
                            - Mixed set ( 13 photos altogether, but I've split them into set A, B and C)
                            - Group set (I can't remember the exact number but I think it's just 2...)

2. Yokoyama Yu Solo Concert Studio Pictures Set (8 pictures per set)

For Wahaha PV photos, I've only pictures for the mixed sets - A, B, and C  at the moment. 
As for individual sets, I don't have all of them at hand, but only Tacchon's, Subaru's and Yoko's.
Email me if you want to have a look.

Nonetheless, if you want other sets of pictures such as 818, JE Countdown Concert etc., please email me. 
I'll get back to you on the availability of those requested.

Please email me at:

Email address:
Email title: [PRE-ORDER] Kanjani8 Official Shop Photos 

In the body of your email, please include the following:

1. LJ nick and name
2. What you want to pre-order/buy
3. Payment method
4. Country located at
5. State if you've already ordered something with me and what it is

Available payment methods are:

For Singapore buyers, POSB transfers and concealed cash
For overseas buyers, Paypal and concealed cash 

Due date for all modes of payment is on the 13th March 2008, 23:59hrs (GMT+9:00hrs, Japan time)
Please confirm with me orders + quotations + payment before the due date/time.

Upon purchase of your order, I'll send you an email before sending out the photos.

Thanks for everyone's attention =D 

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