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[FIC]Only on Stage (1/3) - MaruxBaru

Because this comm have helped me so much, I don't want to be just a leecher, so I present you my fic. ^___^

Title: Only On Stage(1/3)

Pairing: MaruxBaru, slight Ohyass and (if you squint) Yokohina

Author: freedomthisway

Rating: PG

Genre: Angst, H/C, Fluffy

Summary: Because of their intimate acts on stage, Shibutani Subaru has developed a certain feeling towards Maruyama Ryuhei. But what about Maru? Does he feel the same?

Recently I develop an obsession towards Subaru. And I joined marubaru. There, I found MaruxBaru LOVE Pimp Post of DOOM made by kooriyoukai. And all of a sudden I have this story stuck in my head so I decided to make a fics on it. I hope you enjoy it. It's my first fic on Eito ^___^

Only On Stage (1/3)
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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