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Selling Kanjani 8 fanclub booklets

Hi =) I'm selling You and J booklets. As you may already know these are official fanclub booklets for KAT-TUN, Kanjani 8 and NewS.
I currently have multiple copies of booklets from #4 to #9 (#9 being the latest one out) and they are in pretty good condition and barely read through times =D

Price: 6USD per booklet (shipping excluded)
Shipping is from Japan. To give you an idea, shipping via regular air mail (without registering from Japan) is approximately 3USD for 1 or 2 booklets, and 4~5USD for up to 7 booklets. Can also ship via EMS

At the moment I'm only accepting concealed cash (at your own risk) ><" But if you can complete a money transfer to a Japanese bank, I'm willing to listen to the method =) I prefer

Please feel free to email me Airi at winds_air☆ if you wish to make an order =D

 <--- click to enlarge

#3 - KT interview | K8 concert report | YamaP interview
#4 - KT interview | NewS interview (Koyama,Kato,Masuda,Tegoshi)
#5 - K8 interview | 06-0 7 countdown concert report
#6 - NewS live report + interview | KT polaroid gallery | K8 interview
#7 - KT interview | NewS interview | K8 concert report | Fanart
#8 - KT bowling + concert photo gallery | K8 concert report | Fanart (K8 + NewS) 
#9 - NewS PV shooting + interview | Tegomasu | K8 concert report + interview | Fanart (KT)

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